A Video You Can Do #16 – Are You Losing Money?

Coming up with new video ideas is one of the biggest challenges that comes with maintaining a consistent, successful online video plan.

This ongoing series from Candidio called “A Video You Can Do” will provide you with a new Production Brief (a purpose, interview questions and even BRoll ideas) on a regular basis to help keep those creative juices flowing and keep your Audience connected to your organization through video. Be sure to sign up on the right to get it in your inbox!

This time, we’re sharing with you “A Video You Can Do” that will help your audience to evaluate the best option.

1) Purpose

In keeping with our simple formula for finding purpose for your videos, the purpose described in this Brief is as follows…

Our Audience will know how to evaluate the best option after viewing my video because we share questions to ask about a product or service.

2) Interview Questions

A) Ask a salesperson or product manager “What’s your name and what do you do here at XYZ to help our customers?”

B) Ask “If someone wants to know if their losing money with their current solution, what are some questions they could ask or things they could evaluate?”

C) Ask “Are there ways we at XYZ can help a customer evaluate their options?”

D) Ask “Is there anything else you’d like to add?”

3) BRoll Shots

A) Wide shot of building

B) Close shot of product or service

C) Shots of people using product or service

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