A Video You Can Do #13 – What Are Your FAQ’s?

Coming up with new video ideas is one of the biggest challenges that comes with maintaining a consistent, successful online video plan.

This ongoing series from Candidio called “A Video You Can Do” will provide you with a new Production Brief (a purpose, interview questions and even BRoll ideas) on a regular basis to help keep those creative juices flowing and keep your Audience connected to your organization through video. Be sure to sign up on the right to get it in your inbox!

This time, we’re sharing with you “A Video You Can Do” that helps to solve your customers problems.

1. Purpose

In keeping with our simple formula for finding purpose for your videos, the purpose described in this Brief is as follows…

Our Audience will get their problem solved after viewing my video because we answer a frequently asked question.

2. Interview Questions

A) Ask a customer support rep “What’s your name and what do you do?”

B) Ask “What’s a FAQ we get here at XYZ?”

C) Ask “What’s the answer to that FAQ?”

D) Ask “Where can a customer go to find out more?”

3. BRoll Shots

A) Close-ups and wide shots of products/services that relate to the FAQ

B) Shots of customer support rep using products or services

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