My Verizon FiOS User Experience

A Friend

“So how do you like Verizon FiOS?” A good friend asked me this past weekend. And I told him. “It’s a great experience. Awesome Internet connection. Coupled with a good HD lineup of channels. And excellent customer support.”

He quickly barked back — “It can’t be that good? You sound like a commercial!”

My Verizon FiOS User Experience image Verizon FiOSMy Verizon FiOS User ExperienceBut here is the thing. I am not a fanboy of any service including Verizon FiOS. Case in point, I don’t not like the DVR Menu user interface. Nor do I like the user experience from the On Demand service. I think those two interfaces are a bit tough to navigate.

XBOX Experience

But with that said, I am very happy with my Verizon FiOS experience.

And while my family mainly watches recorded shows. I think a key selling point for Verizon FiOS is its partnership with XBOX. As a family we spend a great deal of time on the XBOX. Whether it’s family game night, listening to music on or surfing the Web — switching over to the FiOS app to watch live TV is very convenient.

Not to mention that Verizon FiOS just added 75 Live FiOS channels to their XBOX application.

Customer Service

But for me, FiOS’ main selling point is its customer service. Is it flawless, no. For example, today we had an issue with billing. And my wife was able to resolve the issue with Verizon, rather quickly. My wife explained that Verizon admitted to their mistake. The company apologized and credited our account, for the oversight.

So while customer support is not flawless and what support is flawless. My experience has been one where Verizon always tries to work with you — to resolve the issues.

Call To Action

So if you’re still on the fence about leaving your current cable provider for Verizon FiOS — I say at least give them a try. There is no harm in that.

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