You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling: The Battle to Engage Consumers with Digital Ads

Is your digital display campaign working for you? Digital advertising continues to gain ground, but while it is more easily targetable and trackable than traditional media advertising, it faces its own challenges.

With the traditional media, such as TV commercials and radio spots, advertisers can spark the emotions of a consumer. By pulling at our heart strings or making us laugh they are creating an emotional response which ties us to their product or service. This is what good advertising does–it makes us remember the ad and more importantly, the product. Take for example, this Nissan Leaf commercial,

A polar bear walks all the way from Alaska to a city environment just to hug a man driving a Leaf. I don’t know about you, but I will never forget this commercial just because of the feeling it evoked.

On the other end of the spectrum, I think the new Old Spice commercials are hilarious and find myself buying the product when I never did before.

In terms of digital display ads, we don’t have the luxury of telling a story and really interacting with the consumer. This leaves the digital space deluded when trying to reach your audience and create brand awareness. Try to think of one digital ad you remember seeing, can you? Don’t get me wrong; digital advertising is and can be very important to your company as long as you are doing it right. You just have to be a little more surgical in your approach when delivering your ads. Below is a list of some things that can help you do just that…

THE SCAPEL: Geo-targeting & Retargeting- Geo-target to potential customers so your ad placement actually makes sense. Have a good map laid out (in miles) surrounding your business that would be an ideal radius to deliver ads. Retarget to customers who have already shown interest in your business. Place pixels on your site so you can cookie people who have already visited. This allows you to deliver ads to them down the road as they surf the web else were, bringing them further down the advertising funnel.

THE CLAMPS: The creative- Remember digital ads are not great for creating brand awareness because the space is watered down with many other ads; run an ad that is a “quick fix.” Have an ad that promotes an upcoming promotion or deal opposed to running an ad with just a logo as to who and what you are.

THE SURGICAL HAMMER: If you are running the correct creative in the correct market, really hammer it in. For the most part, digital advertising is cheap compared to the traditional means of advertising like TV and radio. So run, run, run, and run some more. If you are being surgical in your approach and taking the correct steps in running, your ads you should be delivering as much as possible.

So, yes, granted there are speed bumps in the road that is display advertising. However, you can easily avoid them and help ensure your ads are doing what they should be…You just have to know how to navigate them.

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