You’ve Been Endorsed! A Wish List for LinkedIn Validations

    By Crystal Monahan | Small Business

    You’ve Been Endorsed! A Wish List for LinkedIn Validations image JerrySeinfeld9You’ve Been Endorsed! A Wish List for LinkedIn ValidationsIndulge us as we channel Jerry Seinfeld for a moment: What is the deal with LinkedIn endorsements?

    First off – they’re everywhere lately. There are days when the bulk of the updates we see consist only of one contact endorsing or being endorsed by another.

    • Adam was endorsed for Social Media
    • Eve was endorsed for Corporate Communications
    • Bob B. endorsed Lisa for Public Relations

    Don’t get us wrong. We LOVE getting endorsements! Who wouldn’t appreciate unsolicited compliments from colleagues and associates? True, there is that pesky sense of obligation to return the favor, but that’s a minor inconvenience in return for what amounts to a recommendation, right?

    But is it a recommendation? In many cases the skills LinkedIn lists for endorsement are somewhat vague and most definitely impersonal. That said, public relations, social media strategy and press releases are rather critical skills to have – especially in our business. But those are the things we can (and should) include in our profiles; they aren’t particularly unique skills, and with the increase in endorsements lately, their shine and influence has begun to fade.

    This got us thinking: What might be more valuable (and loads more fun) would be the option to endorse a person for soft skills, personality traits and unique characteristics – you know, the stuff that really reveals how useful – or liked – he or she may be.

    So without further ado, here’s our list of the endorsements we’d love to receive and give on LinkedIn:

    • Being a team player
    • A positive attitude
    • Contributing unsolicited ideas
    • Posting engaging, thought-provoking tweets
    • Learning something new (and sharing it)
    • Being a cheerleader
    • Working like an entrepreneur: doing what it takes to get any job done
    • Leading by example
    • Financial wizardry
    • Creative client concoctions
    • Mind blowing content
    • Happy employees
    • Innovation
    • Being detail-oriented
    • Being trustworthy
    • Walking the talk

    Do you think LinkedIn endorsements are useful? And what’s on your endorsements wish list for LinkedIn?

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