The Value of a Well-Armed Citizenry [Infographic]

“When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” This Thomas Jefferson quote is currently being used by those who oppose the adoption of strict gun laws in the United States.

The political climate has turned tumultuous as the nation reacts to the recent shootings that have taken place in places like Aurora, Co and New Town, CT. While many believe that tightening up gun laws will protect the public, others believe that proposed restrictions infringe on the basic rights of Americans and the ability to protect one’s self.

Gun control may be seen as part of an effort to eviscerate individual sovereignty and replace it with dependence on the state. The second amendment was designed to prevent enslavement to the government and the founders understood that a “well regulated” militia means functioning properly” and not “controlled by the government.” They knew that right to bear arms is fundamental and essential for maintaining liberty.

In this infographic, takes a look at the numbers behind gun violence in the U.S., how strict gun policy has fared in other countries, and the reasons that restricting access to firearms would only hurt the citizens of the United States.

The Value of a Well Armed Citizenry [Infographic] image gun control2The Value of a Well Armed Citizenry [Infographic]
Source: Criminal Justice Degree Hub

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