Using your Tools: Website Data Capture

As marketers, we are constantly trying to learn about our customers and how to best meet their needs. Luckily, as a company with a website, you have a huge advantage into understanding your customers’ behavior and purchase habits: your site’s data capture.

Analyzing customers’ actions on your website, how they navigate through your website, and what information they enter on your website are some of the most powerful tools for understanding your customers that you have at your disposal. Capturing data on your website allows you to not only develop comprehensive prospect and customer profiling but ultimately assign true ROI to marketing initiatives.

Though data capture is invaluable for any business with a website, let’s break it down and connect the dots by using fitness clubs as a concrete example:

Imagine you’re a nationwide fitness club with hundreds of locations. On your homepage you have a store locator, which allows site visitors to enter their zip code (by the way, kudos for including this widget on the homepage and contributing to a better user experience for your prospects). From previous research, you know that at your current monthly cost of membership the most someone is willing to travel to workout is 8 miles. When analyzing the captured zip codes and overlaying that data with your current club locations, you notice a large volume of one certain zip code which happens to be just outside 12 miles to three of your current locations.

It turns out you don’t have the capital to open a new location there this year, but you don’t want to miss out on this newly identified revenue source, so you decide to run a small paid search campaign and direct mail campaign targeting that zip code in conjunction with a monthly discount to residents who sign-up online within the next 72 hours. You track the conversions from the paid search campaign and the entered promo code from the mailer and are able to calculate a true ROI for each campaign. Campaigns like these can yield great–and measureable–results, and it was all because you decided to dive deeper into the data your website already captures! It’s that easy!

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