Using Targeted Marketing To Reach Your Ideal Customers

As you develop your marketing plan, keep in mind that you should target your efforts to reach your ideal customers. As you reach them, have a plan in place to keep them. Just getting them to sign up for a mailing list or eCourse is not enough. Your marketing plan should extend past that.

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How to get started with Targeted Marketing

Some of the first things that you need to do so that you can get started with targeted marketing is to identify your long-tail and short-tail keywords. I know that’s a mouthful. Let me break it down to you so that you can understand the difference. Let’s start with a short-tail keyword which is sometimes called a broad keyword. An example of a short-tail keyword is “business owner”.

When looking into long-tail keywords, sometimes called narrow keywords, you are becoming more specific about your targeted market. In referring to the previous example of a short-tail keyword, a long-tail keyword would be “women business owner work from home”. By adding the additional keywords, you are narrowing your search to your ideal target customers.

Suggested tools that you can use to target your ideal customers

There are many tools that you can use in order to figure out your ideal short-tail and long-tail keywords. One of the first places you can start is with the Google Keyword Tool. You can either enter your own words or you can allow the tool to search a specific website and identify what keywords are associated with the website.

Continue fine-tuning your effort to create your ideal targeted marketing plan by incorporating social media. There are many tools that can help you integrate and streamline your efforts. Below are three social media websites that can get you started for free and then you will have an option to continue with a paid version after a period of time.

As you identify which tool works best for you keep in mind that you will need to determine the tool that will help you identify where your ideal customers hangout online. To help you get a better idea of how you can use target marketing in your business, check out the video below.

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