Using Social Media More Effectively

Fresh into 2013, two of the most popular social media networks launched new features to enhance the user experience. So, what can we expect?

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Twitter & Facebook

  • The Vine App: This is a new mobile service that lets users create and share short, looping videos. You can share the video with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, and many brands have already started using it. I see marketers using this app to highlight aspects of the business; however, the tricky part will be how to incorporate a theme or message into only 6 seconds of video. Companies have experimented with comedy, real-life situations, and some even look like short commercials. This could be a great opportunity for businesses using Twitter and Facebook to connect with their audience on a creative level.


  • Graph Search: Your friends’ information shared on Facebook is now easily searched. Say you want to learn which of your friends like Yoga in your area, you’d search “friends near Philadelphia like Yoga.” Facebook would then return a list of your friends that match that criteria. This feature becomes important for marketers using Facebook. Keywords on posts and pictures are now imperative to your overall content strategy.
  • Pay-per-Message Service: Have a question for Mark Zuckerberg? Message him yourself. You’re probably wondering, okay, what’s the catch, right? How’s $100.00 for an answer? Anyone from businesses to individuals can message Facebook’s CEO. Sure, you can message him, without paying, to his “Other Folder,” but we all know the chances of him actually reading those.
  • Facebook Messenger Calling Feature: You can now access free calling via Wi-Fi with your Facebook friends using iOS. Is this feature foreshadowing Facebook releasing its own phone?
  • Facebook Pages for Android: For SM managers, this is a great tool, and it’s not available for Android users.

It’ll be interesting to watch how top-performing social media networks evolve in 2013 and beyond.

How do you think these new features will affect marketing?

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