Using Pinterest To Grow Brand Awareness

    By Mai Overton | Small Business

    Top 10 Pinterest Key Statistics for 2013

    Looking to include Pinterest in your social media marketing strategy? It might be a good time—with the roll out brand pages for businesses and compelling recent findings like these:

    1.      2/3 of the top 100 brands now have Pinterest accounts (Simply Measured)

    2.      Pinterest ranks 3rd most popular social networking site, behind Facebook and Twitter (Experian)

    3.      Traffic to Pinterest increased significantly in the 1st quarter of 2013, compared to marked declining traffic to Facebook. (RichRelevance)

    4.      The average consumer spends more on Pinterest than on Facebook  (RichRelevance)

    5.      Pinterest is seeing over 4 million unique visitors daily (Brand Dignity)

    6.      There were 2.3 billion Pinterest page views in March 2013 (Brand Dignity)

    7.      70% of online consumers find purchasing inspiration from Pinterest more than other social media platforms (Bizrate)

    8.      Consumers prefer to associate with brands more on Pinterest than other social media platforms (Bizrate)

    9.      Pinterest users engage with brands more on Pinterest than on other social media platforms and serve as content creators for the brand through the repin feature (Bizrate)

    10.   Mobile: The Pinterest iPhone app is downloaded 200,000 times per/day (Brand Dignity)

    Top 10 Tips and Best Practices for Pinterest Marketing in 2013


    Starting with the absolute basics then getting down to more advanced tactics, here are tips for amplifying brand awareness and best practices by some of the most widely followed brands:

    1. Post Regularly

    Your fans are looking for inspiration, don’t disappoint. If you want your fans to keep you top of mind, provide quality images that inspire on a methodical, consistent and regular basis.

    2. Post Often

    Stay top of mind for those browsing throughout the day. Leverage Pinterest’s business analytics to determine the best days to post then create a content editorial calendar that follows suit. The worst thing you can do: post randomly, or, abandon the practice entirely.

    3. Post in Sets

    Pinterest is very much like a digital magazine — use themes, concepts, and ideas to set a cohesive tone. Think magazine layout when pushing out content on the calendar. Leverage Pinterest real estate to create a visual palette to communicate a theme, an idea or a story instead of using words and text.

    4. Get 2-Dimensional

    Unlike a magazine, however, is Pinterest’s unique social platform that allows for dialogue. Get out there and be social with your fan base. Interact and dialogue with your fans. Pinterest visitors are happy fans– they are there to get inspired, to see beautiful images, to share what they love, and they’re already in a good mood. Leverage the serendipity by rewarding your fan base with a reply from the brand.

    5. Leverage Text to Boost SEO

    Using Pinterest To Grow Brand Awareness image 4 22 2013 6 53 02 PMThe Pinterest effect on SEO rankings

    Maximize the limited area for text that you are allowed in your pin descriptions, including strong keywords and a link back to your website. Use messaging aligned with your brand voice and that resonates with your audience. HubSpot has found that the pins with the most engagement have descriptions that are 200-310 characters in length.

    Check out how Google ranks relevant Pinterest pages when I search for “DIY Mother’s Day crafts”. Right after Country Living and Huffington Post, a few other Pinterest pages show up.

    6. Link Directly

    If your user wants to see a recipe for making Shrimp Curry, then, make sure you take them there. Make absolutely sure you have the right landing page when linking your pin—don’t make the mistake of wasting the user’s time– they may never revisit your profile or boards again. If your user wants to see a recipe for making Shrimp Curry, then, make sure you take them there.

    7. Cross-Promote

    E-commerce businesses can increase traffic to your Pinterest boards where there’s better conversion by cross-promoting from other social media platforms. In the same vein, if your customer service team is better equipped to handle inquiries on Facebook, then use Pinterest to send them there.

    8. Try Something New

    Leverage Pinterest to extend your brand beyond the original concept of the product, like Starbucks does with its #TWISI, The Way I See It board:

    Using Pinterest To Grow Brand Awareness image 4 29 2013 11 05 07 AMUsing Pinterest To Grow Brand Awareness


    You’ll quickly notice that Starbucks gets beyond the boundaries of a coffee shop. Instead, any good memory related to coffee might wind up on this popular board—and sometimes, the pins having nothing to do with coffee at all.

    Pinterest is a safe place where happy pinners are open to imaginative play, so you can get a little more creative and try some new direction with branding. It’s a great place for listening, where you can bounce new ideas and get some feedback. Leave an impression, create a mood. Have fun.

    9. Delight and Surprise

    Better Homes and Gardens devotes a whole board to their Pinner of the Month. BHG clearly understands the power of spotlighting their best fans. These brand ambassadors then gladly carry their duties to other social networks, like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

    Using Pinterest To Grow Brand Awareness image 4 22 2013 6 41 42 PMCreative marketing on Pinterest BHG’s Pinner of the Month

    Occasionally surprise your fans with the unexpected: a personal video message, a coupon… a chance to upload a video about something related to your brand.

    10. Create an Experience

    Create a customer experience that wows and soothes the soul, and at the same time, allows your fan base to deeply connect with your brand. You will be rewarded with engaged brand ambassadors that are eager to repin and share with their friends and followers.

    If you have already determined that Pinterest is part of your social media marketing strategy, then leverage your brand to connect with your fans on a more intimate level, by doing this you will be maximizing the power of social marketing to its fullest potential.

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