Using Lead Generation to Shine the Light on Superstar Clients

Nothing gets Hollywood attention like its awards season. From the Golden Globes to the Academy Awards, celebrity buzz reaches its peak during this time of year. That’s obviously a good thing because it goes on top of having to recognize those who have been contributing to the survival of the industry. On a smaller scale, it’s just as urgent for you to shine the spotlight on prospects and customers who have ensured the survival of your software business.

Using Lead Generation to Shine the Light on Superstar Clients image 140112234024 02 golden globes show horizontal galleryUsing Lead Generation to Shine the Light on Superstar ClientsBe it through discounts, freebies, or even just honorable mentions, the idea of using awards to give prospects incentive isn’t entirely new. It’s only that marketers tend to forget their role in shining the spotlight. Treating prospects like they are the stars of the show keeps that show alive. Think of your lead generation campaign like being the bigger extension of their manager. The more famous they get, the more you can use them to influence the rest of the target market. And thus, you’ll get even more prospects running to you so they’ll be just like that star client of yours. Here are some tips to both identifying and delivering that superstar treatment:

  • Know their assets – Getting to know the B2B customers isn’t just about knowing what their business needs. Fulfilling those needs lets you start on what they can do to improve their game. Understand their intentions for your technology so you can help them use it even better!
  • Make it inspiring - Awards are not only there for display. There is a story behind how it was one. In testimonials for example, how can you tell your customer’s story in a way that will inspire actions in those who have had similar challenges? It’s not just about the role you played in the solution.
  • Guide it with sales metrics – Successful campaigns should always result in good news for your salespeople. That has always been the point of marketing. Collaborate closely with your salespeople to further your understanding of buying behavior and how it will make the prospect well known.
  • Be in the loop – A customer’s interest and behavior is not exclusive to one channel or one phase of the sales process. Like paparazzi, you need to follow them around and keep your ears open. Use everything from social media to your own big data projects to understand where they currently are and keep them moving forward.

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