US Universities To Evaluate Social Media Profiles Of Prospective Students

    By Prasanna Bidkar | Small Business

    University admissions officers will now look at the social media profiles of prospective students before making the final admission decision. In the commercial realm, Pinterest announced its Promoted Pins feature for businesses. LinkedIn got sued for allegedly using its customers email address books to solicit new members. And the Turkish government embraced social media to ensure that they are heard in this new medium.

    Social media listening business opportunities

    High school bullying is a serious problem, which until now could only be managed by educating the students against these acts. However, with new laws for social media communication enacted, perhaps it will deter the students and stop any further loss of life.

    To deal with this bullying problem, a Los Angeles school recently awarded a $40,000 contract to a social media firm to monitor social media messages of its 14,000 students.

    Turkey government takes the Israeli approach

    Burnt many times recently by the power of million tweets on Twitter, Turkey government has decided to form a team of 6,000 volunteers to counter anti-government tweets. The government hopes to create a positive dialogue on Twitter and interact with people in this new medium.

    Social media comments can cost you university admissions

    Your careers are already at the mercy of your social media activities. But now you don’t have to wait until you graduate to learn that your social media behavior can cause some major setbacks. According to a Kaplan survey, admissions officers are now looking at prospective candidates’ social media profile before making a decision.

    LinkedIn sued by a group of users

    A group of LinkedIn users have accused that LinkedIn hacked into their email address books and sent emails to join LinkedIn to the address book email accounts. LinkedIn denied any such practices and has said that it would fight the group lawsuit.

    Pinterest experiments with promoted pins

    Pinterest announced this week that it will begin showing promoted pins to users. The network assured users that the promotions will be marked as that and will be context sensitive.

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