‘Urban bellhops’ meet and greet Airbnb guests

    By Tom | Small Business

    Airbnb has opened up a new market for consumer-provided tourist accommodation, and we’ve seen other businesses such as EatWith inspired by the service. Now San Francisco-based Urban Bellhop is tapping into the Airbnb customer base by offering a check-in service for those hosting tourists.

    For those who open up their property as accommodation for travelers while they’re away, or are simply too busy to meet up with their guests, Urban Bellhop has a team of professional rental hosts who can act as a middleman between the two parties. Hosts can register their property with Urban Bellhop and allow them to securely keep a spare key on their file. At times when they are unable to greet their guests, homeowners can then get the company to liaise with visitors, check them into the house and help them feel welcome.

    Urban Bellhop is an example of a business that has come into being thanks to new industries and technologies opened up by innovators. Are there products or services that could cater for the Airbnb crowd?

    Website: www.urbanbellhop.com
    Contact: www.urbanbellhop.com/contact

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