Updated Gmail App Now Available

    By Mike Allton | Small Business

    Updated Gmail App Now Available image Gmail Mobile UpgradeUpdated Gmail App Now Available

    Last week, Google released a major update to Gmail to make it more organized, and those changes are now available in an update to the mobile apps.

    As we discussed, the update brings automatic filtering to incoming messages, according to several preset filters that now display along the top of the inbox on desktop, and in the left sidebar on mobile. These categories include Social (for Social Media notifications), Promotions (for deals and coupons and ads), Updates (for invoices and other notifications) and Forums (for discussion topic notifications). And the new Inbox includes a default tab for Primary that contains your most important emails.

    The new mobile apps bring these updates to your mobile phone, but configuring them remains a function of desktop settings. To enable the new Inbox, log into Gmail, click on settings and choose Configure Inbox. You can then choose which tabs to enable.

    One other change that comes with today’s update is in Notifications. You can now choose what kinds of emails you see notifications for, whether it’s all messages, only important messages, or none at all, and you can adjust your notification settings on a per account basis, if you have more than one Gmail account configured.

    As a new Gmail user, I’m very much enjoying these updates and appreciate the effort Google is putting into helping me organize my Inbox and manage my incoming email. Even though i’ve taken great pains to reduce social media notifications and other automated emails, I still receive hundreds of emails a day. I have also found Gmail’s Spam filtration to be superior to my old Outlook installation.

    Gmail appears to be well-suited for business owners seeking a quality and consistent email platform, and I will be writing more about business-use cases soon.

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