Unsigned bands gain label recognition via crowd voting

Turning music from a hobby into an avenue for income can be difficult, regardless of how talented a band may be. fanatic.fm has already provided a way for musicians to gain support and finance from brands, and now UK-based Chartburst is connecting unsigned acts with record label representatives through its crowdsourced charting system.

Artists can upload tracks into one of ten genre categories for consideration by visitors looking for new music to listen to. Members can give a track a thumbs up if they like it and each vote contributes to the musicians’ place in their genre’s chart. Chartburst has teamed up with A&R staff at major record labels – including Columbia, Sony, Interscope Records and Warner Music – who have agreed to appraise those topping the Chartburst lists on a regular basis. If the concept works, ideally those with the greatest backing from discerning music fans will have their work put in front of record labels with the facilities to nurture their talent. Bands pay USD 5 a month to upload tracks under the genre that best describes their music, although this is currently USD 2.50 while the site is in beta. Voters and record labels can use the site for free. The video below gives more information about the site:

Chartburst gives the crowds a say in which bands get noticed by major record labels, while labels themselves have a way to determine if a potential signing has appeal. How else can hidden talent be given the platform it deserves?

Website: www.chartburst.com
Contact: info@chartburst.com

Spotted by: Murray Orange

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