Unmask and Handcuff the Time Bandit: “Disorganization”

Unmask and Handcuff the Time Bandit: “Disorganization” image Masked Bandit 1Unmask and Handcuff the Time Bandit: “Disorganization”

In the last 20 years, working time has increased by 15% and leisure time has decreased by 33%. Work demands are up, and there is never enough time for family and fun. In the past we have discussed time bandits that plug productivity and decrease the free time we have. Disorganization is today’s time bandit, unmasked. Chaos best describes the situation. Change is needed desperately. Organization is in order. Reclaiming sanity is the immediate goal. Could you handcuff Disorganization?

In order to fuel your need for organization, stop for just a minute and you will find many costs due to disorganization. From lost items, to unhealthy nutrition, to work related unfortunate situations to family fights, frustration and even depression, the costs are high without any doubt. We all have the same time (24 hours per day) and since organization is a learned trait, it would be useful to apply the change in bits at a time. It is not difficult, although the start could be filled with confusion and overwhelmed feelings. Applying organizing in bits will harness your fear of the change.

Where to start? Take a short time daily and focus on one surrounding area.

1. Get rid of cluttering items. Something that has not been in use for the past year and there are no plans to use it within the next year; that is a good start to define these items. Keep all essential paperwork in check and together, donate some items or simply trash the rest.

2. At work, or home, or even your garage, have only one “junk drawer” and that should be organized the best way possible.

3. Have fun. Organizing should not be expensive but highly creative. Just storing items in bins or expensive storage devices is not productive, finding innovative ways to store items is a goal achieving challenge with lasting effects.

Here are some side notes on organizing:

1. When organizing well, your environment looks clean. Neatness is perceived by the eye as cleanliness. How is this for a shortcut to cleanliness?

2. Have a way of transporting used items back to their organized area. You simply can go back and forth for each item. Use a transportation system to do that.

Do not confuse organizing and staying organized with perfection! It is a way of living, you will need to commit. The benefits are huge no doubt. Looking at the result is sexy but it will definitely need development of new habits to achieve sustainability and stay organized.

Good luck, research for help!

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