Understanding Your Direct Mail Campaign’s Impact on Lead Gen and Revenue

Understanding Your Direct Mail Campaign’s Impact on Lead Gen and Revenue image directmailUnderstanding Your Direct Mail Campaign’s Impact on Lead Gen and RevenueIt’s an increasingly digital world, but there are many businesses that continue to find value in the use of direct mail campaigns. Companies employing direct mail campaigns often send out tens of thousands of mailers or more, resulting in what they hope is a high volume of leads or sales. But therein lies the root of a problem faced by many marketers: they hope their campaign results in a high volume of leads, but they’re not sure if their efforts are actually resulting in anything at all. After spending a chunk of their marketing budget on thousands of mailers, companies should be able to track the actual volume, quality, and conversion rates associated with the resulting leads. But how?

Call Tracking to Understand Impact on Lead Gen

Most mailers have a phone number as a call to action, but in order to track the actual volume of calls that resulted from the mailer itself, that phone number needs to be unique and trackable. With a unique call tracking number, each and every phone lead that comes in can be attributed to that mailer, giving you a more comprehensive understanding of your campaign ROI.

Businesses may spend a significant amount on direct mail advertising and assume that most of the phone calls they get for a few weeks after are from that effort. But what if they’re not?

Using call tracking numbers is especially important for marketing agencies and lead gen firms who do mailing for clients. You need to be able to demonstrate conclusively that your direct mail is generating calls and revenue to their business.

Inserting call tracking numbers from a voice-based marketing automation solution in your mailers and other marketing assets enable you to tell which calls came from which source, so you know what’s working and what isn’t.

Knowing Where You’re Successful Means Doing More of What Works

The ability to wholly understanding your ROI means more than just spending less on efforts that don’t generate as many leads: it means being able to spend more on what has been proven to work. If you spend a significant amount of your budget on direct mailers, and your call tracking data tells you that you had a highly favorable conversion rate, what does that mean for your marketing?

Send more mailers.

The best part about having tangible evidence about your marketing success is that you have the knowledge to do more of what works; and, once you’ve established that direct mail marketing is indeed a worthy investment for your marketing team, you might even be moved to dig in a little deeper.

For example, unique call tracking numbers make it possible to perform A/B tests with direct mail. Perhaps you have two different designs, or one postcard that is double-sided and one that is single-sided, or several different creative themes your team believes have potential. By inserting unique call tracking numbers in each variation of your mailer, you have the ability to track which generated the most leads and revenue.

Someone once said that knowledge is power. When it comes to marketing, knowledge is not only power, but also money. Once you demonstrate that direct mail marketing is indeed a worthwhile investment, let the success start rolling in. Want more information? Check out this free webinar, The Marketer’s Guide to Tracking and Scoring Phone Leads.

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