Understanding the Complex Brain of a Copywriter

It takes a special mindset to dream up catchy ad copy, passionate promo pieces, and sleek sales pitches. Only a copywriter could create an infographic that accurately explains the complexities of a copywriter’s brain. Our copywriting infographics are a perfect balance of enticing and enlightening copy that could only come from the brain of a copywriter.

Understanding the Complex Brain of a Copywriter image copywriters brain4Understanding the Complex Brain of a Copywriter

The CopywritersBrain

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Balancing Both Sides of the Brain
Copywriters need creativity from the right side of their brain mixed with the detailed-orientated and analytical attributes of the left side of the brain. They strategically blend emotional triggers and sound logic to inspire people to make purchases.

Copywriters are always thinking.

Always tinkering, revising, and rewriting.
They are convinced that there is a better way to phrase it if they can just find the perfect synonym or adjective. They have woken from a deep sleep because they figured out the perfect way to describe a particular product or a service. Copywriters love what they do and sincerely want to impress clients with their extraordinary writing skills.

Copywriters Capture Your Attention
Online ads, television ads, magazines, and newspaper only give businesses a second or two to grab your attention. A copywriter’s brain has to figure out a way to use as few words as possible to explain the subject matter in a way that is both intriguing and informative.

Copywriters are always changing.

Always reinventing, adjusting, and adapting.
There is no fun in saying the same thing the same way in every piece you write. It is boring and it goes against the very reason why creative people decide to become copywriters. Copywriters like to have fun and that means constantly creating new ways to say the same old thing. A copywriter’s brain can describe the same floral arrangement in a hundred different ways and always make it sound absolutely beautiful. Sometimes it takes that many attempts for a copywriter to find the best way to describe it.

Copywriter’s Brains are Infographics
A copywriter visualizes everything in short tidbits of entertaining text that is accompanied by eye-catching graphics. That sounds just like our copywriting infographic designed to explain the brain of a copywriter. Copywriters compile various pieces of ideas and then blend them together to develop complete and compelling concepts.

Copywriters are always creating.

Always developing, crafting, and configuring.
They grab a hold of a feature or benefit and just run with it. They can highlight any product or service’s attributes with a proficient finesse that flows fluidly. Copywriter’s sentences will carry you from one to the next while building your interest and intrigue. A quality copywriter won’t let go of your attention once they’ve secured it.

Copywriter’s Brains are Complicated
Although this professional copywriter has just created an educational copywriter’s infographic and helpful blog post describing a copywriter’s brain, I don’t actually understand any copywriter’s brain but my own. Every copywriter has their own personal styles and techniques that make their writing uniquely theirs.

Copywriters are always original.

Always distinct, imaginative, and inspired
Copywriters never want to be a carbon copy. They want to stand out and challenge traditional marketing lingo. This copywriter’s brain may be a shining example of every aspect in the copywriting infographic and blog that I created, but that could just be my brain. I won`t claim to understand most copywriter’s brains.

Copywriters are like a box of chocolate; you never know what you are going to get. If you are fortunate enough to find one whose words suit your style, don’t let them go. They will make it their personal goal to consistently develop exciting copy that will keep your attention and the attention of your target audience.

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