Underpants alarm clock wakes women up with a buzz


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For those who have trouble waking up in the morning, there are two methods to help them. The first is punishment, used by apps such as Wake N Shake — which doesn’t turn off if users don’t shake their smartphone hard enough. The second is positive reinforcement, encouraging sleepers to rouse by giving them something to look forward to. Little Rooster is firmly in the second camp, being a vibrating device that women pop between their legs at night to get a pleasant wake up call in the morning.

The Little Rooster is made of plastic and features a digital clockface and buttons to set the alarm. Before they fall asleep, users simply place the T-shaped device in their underwear, resting the long arm between their thighs — no parts of the Little Rooster are placed internally. The design of the device is such that, even with tossing and turning, it doesn’t become loose and remains comfortable. The alarm then uses vibrations to wake up sleepers, with the option of 30 different intensity levels. The Little Rooster also comes with a ‘Snorgasm’ setting that begins with low-level vibrations before increasing in power to wake users up gradually.

The benefits of Little Rooster for women are pretty obvious, but their sleeping partners can also continue to sleep without being woken up by the alarm. Little Rooster is USD 69 to buy and comes in a range of three colors. How else digital devices offer a pleasurable start to the morning?

Website: www.littleroosterstore.com
Contact: www.littleroosterstore.com/pages/contact

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