The Ultimate Wedding Cost Checklist Infographic

    By Danny Ashton | Small Business

    The Ultimate Wedding Cost Checklist Infographic image Wedding ChecklistresizeThe Ultimate Wedding Cost Checklist Infographic

    Whether you are planning a low-key affair or an over-the-top extravaganza, our checklist covers the main costs you will encounter when planning your special day.

    Top of our list are the rings so bearing in mind they will hopefully last a lifetime, quite a bit of thought should go into the estimates for these tokens of love. Bridal and groom attire can be another large part of the budget, so remember to also take into account all of the incidentals. Search around for suitable wedding insurance as well as travel insurance to cover the all-important honeymoon.

    Our infographic has some suggestions for ways to cut back on certain costs, such as considering using a restaurant for the reception as a way to avoid paying for seating and linen. It may also be possible to use the restaurant free of charge, cutting out the cost of hiring a venue. Restaurants will also supply glassware and tableware which will again save a hiring fee.

    Wedding photographers do not come cheap, but everyone wants their special day recorded for posterity, so one way to make a compromise would be to look for someone who is just starting out in the photography business. Obviously you will need to ascertain that they have all the right equipment, and that they are confident they can take the kind of photographs or videos you want. A back-up of a few relatives with their own cameras would be a good idea, or perhaps you could add disposable cameras on every table at the reception.

    However you decide to celebrate your wedding, our list will highlight the must-have items, and by having an idea of what costs you need to budget for you will be able to shop around for the best prices, leaving you able to enjoy your perfect day.


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