The Ultimate Google Plus Cheat Sheet

At the recent Google I/O event, many new features were released for Google Plus including a new layout, enhanced photos, hashtags and more.

What does this mean for social media strategy and content marketing on Google Plus? Here, I will introduce the Ultimate Google Plus Cheat Sheet which outlines exactly how marketers can take advantage of all of the old and new Google Plus posting features and get the most out of every post.

From hashtags, notifications, photo editing and more – this cheat sheet will make sure that your posts always stand out from the pack. Here are a few highlights from the cheat sheet (Download and print here).

The Ultimate Google Plus Cheat Sheet image cheat sheetThe Ultimate Google Plus Cheat Sheet


Post Anatomy

This area outlines all of the components of a complete Google Plus post. Each component of the post is highlighted and explained in detail to make sure you understand each piece.


The notification and circle-based system is unique to Google Plus and must be understood to take full advantage of this feature. Here, you will find information about the four main circles that you will be sharing content with on a regular basis:

Public – This circle includes anyone that has a public profile on Google Plus. Since we are marketers, always share your posts with the general public.

Your Circles – This circle will mass-share the post with all of your circles. Be sure to use this function wisely, as one post rarely adds value to every one of your circles (I personally have never used this feature).

Specific Circle – Specific circles are the go-to for relevant and scaled content marketing on social media. Find or create targeted and valuable content for one specific circle.

Specific Person – You can call-out individuals for a more 1:1 marketing feel

Email Your Circles – Google Plus makes it possible to email up to 100 people within the notification circle(s) that you have selected for the post. Use this function with care, as overuse can turn good relationships sour.

Keyboard Shortcuts

These keyboard shortcuts can be used to navigate faster and have a better experience with Google Plus overall.

Post Style Options

Another quality that is unique to Google Plus is the way that text can be styled within posts. It is possible to use text styles such as bolding, italics, and strike-through. The cheat sheet outlines best practices for using each option.

Rich Snippets

Rich snippets are extra preview text and images that are connected to links to websites that are enabled for Twitter Cards. This section shows how to choose different images and stand out from the pack.


Maintain a high-impact and professional look with all of your images in posts by making sure they are full-bleed (that is, the image goes to the edge without ‘spacer bars’”. The cheat sheet outlines all of the dimensions and guidelines required to get a great full-bleed photo in every post.

How to use Google Plus photo editing features such as tagging, rotating and even adding text is also explained in this section.


Even though they were started on Twitter, hashtags have become a popular way to add depth, meaning and context to your posts and are now an official part of Google Plus. Here are a few ideas and best practices when adding hashtags to your posts.

My Ultimate Google Plus Cheat Sheet prints nicely to a standard 8 1/2 x 11 printer page. Download and print a copy of your own to keep near your desk for a quick reference and be sure to always squeeze the most value out of every Google Plus post!

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