UK t-shirt site offers refunds, with no return required

We recently saw Swedish denim brand Nudie foster brand loyalty through goodwill gestures with its Jeans Repair Shop, where customers can get their pair repaired for free. Now online t-shirt store Dicky Ticker is enabling customers who aren’t happy with their purchase to receive a full refund and also keep the goods.

Based in the UK, the site offers a range of pop culture graphic tees that retail for a standard price of GBP 12.99. Because online consumers can’t check the quality or the fit of the shirts before they order, the company has introduced a goodwill returns policy whereby unsatisfied customers can get a full refund – minus shipping charges – without having to return the shirt. The idea is that consumers are saved a trip to the post office, while the shirt could be passed on to a friend who may like it and want to buy more. The only pre-requisite for a refund is filling out a short survey to detail why the shirt wasn’t up to scratch.

Customers can decide if they want a full or part refund, and the offer is only available once for each household to ensure the scheme isn’t abused. Although the company may lose out on shirts that get refunded, they gain exposure and a reputation for kindness as a business, which can potentially drive future sales. Could other brands relax their policies to win over consumers?


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