UK says will look to sell Lloyds shares to public

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain will look to sell shares in part-nationalised Lloyds Banking Group to private retail investors in future sales, a top Treasury official said on Thursday.

"In future sales we will look at ways in which the British public can get involved in those transactions. Because we are mending the economy the taxpayer is at last getting its money back," Danny Alexander, chief secretary to the Treasury, told the British Bankers Association's annual conference.

Britain sold a 6 percent stake in Lloyds in September at a price above what it paid for the shares in a 20.5 billion pound bailout of the bank in 2008. The government is keen to offload its remaining 33 percent stake before the next general election in 2015.

(Reporting by Matt Scuffham; Editing by Steve Slater)

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