Types of Twitter Content

There are different types of content that can be posted on a Twitter feed.Twitter is known as a short text social platform. You can embed much more including:

  • photos
  • videos
  • slideshares
  • news summaries
  • links


Text in a Tweet is short. They are best kept under the maximum 140 characters – to accommodate sharing through RT’s, @replies and @mentions.92% of retweets happen on Twitter because of interesting content. The more notable text RT’s occur with:

  • interesting facts
  • lifestyle tips
  • inspiring quotes
  • asks for RT’s

Here are a few examples of interesting facts, and lifestyle tips from @BestBuy and @LondonDrugs:

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Even with Twitter’s 140 character count, pictures are worth a thousand words.Photos create a visual connection between your product and your consumer.It is easy to insert a photo into your tweet. Simply click on the camera button on your new tweet, and upload a photo.

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Tweets with uploads such as photos generally do not appear as a visual on your follower’s Twitter feed. The “view photo” must be clicked on to be seen.Grab your audience’s attention by using simple images with clear white space as background. Images with highly saturated colors also help the creative stand out against a white background, such as this tweet from @Coach:

Types of Twitter Content image Ur/></p> <p style=Types of Twitter ContentAdditionally, to maximize your image posts, include relevant text to help tell a quick story, and make it readable about what you are promoting.VideoVideos play well on Twitter, when done correctly.Twitter is a quick social site. When posting a video be sure to:

  • keep it short
  • keep it simple

Exclusive behind the scenes videos do well, as do short but informative pieces, such as how-to’s and videos related to current events. But keep it short! 1-2 minutes maximum is all you need.This video from @BenHogan ties together both a current event, and a how-to video. By tweeting about the freak snowstorm during the PGA tour, using the #MatchPlay hashtag, and including a golf swing tip video by a legend of golf, the newly set up Twitter account of Ben Hogan Performance is reaching their target market effectively.

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Funny videos are great for any social platform, but keep your target market in mind, as well as your brand when delving into the controversial world of humour.


Slideshares can provide valuable information to your followers, particularly if you are a B2B company. You are adding value to your client, and showing your company as a thought leader. This also develops the trust your customer has with your business, knowing that you are willing to share information for free.

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News summaries

Last year, Twitter launched expanded tweets with various news organizations, such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Forbes, and blogs such as BuzzFeed and TMZ.This is a great feature, as breaking news is frequently provided through Twitter.Retailers and business can use this feature to promote their own stories, if they are featured, as @steals is in this example:

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You can also use this feature to share breaking news that pertains to your business, not just directly related stories. This provides added value to your followers and customers.


Twitter feeds are filled with links. It provides users with a great way to learn about any particular topic they choose.When posting links follow these best practices:

  • keep it short
  • use relevant hashtags
  • make the call-to-action clear

Check out this example from @BestBuy:

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