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Twitter: New Music Feature  image 656px Twitter bird logo 300x273Twitter: New Music Feature Twitter just announced Thursday morning on Good Morning America that it will be adding a music feature. It gives users the opportunity to discover new artists and to hear newly released music. The music that is on this service is based on tweets and the attention music is getting on Twitter. It is on the Web and there is an iOS app, and Twitter has announced that there will be an Android app soon.

It was first tested by celebrities such as Blake Shelton and Wiz Kalifa who loved it and now it is being released to everyone. Seeing how half of all users of Twitter follow at least one singer, or musical group, if not more, it seemed appropriate that the artists were the first ones to test it out. Since so many people follow musicians, Twitter is anticipating that this feature will be a hit for users.

You can preview a song, but you are limited to half of a minute unless you sign in with a Rdio or Spotify subscription account, in which case you can listen to full songs if the song is available.

The music is broken up into different charts including the “Popular” chart which shows the most popular music that has been trending and that has been tweeted about on Twitter. There is also an “Emerging” chart that shows new, upcoming artists that have been in the spotlight. There are also charts that pertain to each user’s taste in music. There’s a “Suggested” chart which recommends artists and bands that are similar to those that you already follow.

It is also really easy for users to share and re-tweet the songs and artists that they are following or that they find by using this new feature. You can check it out at

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