A Twitter Guide To Airports (Infographic)

A Twitter Guide To Airports (Infographic) image twitter1A Twitter Guide To Airports (Infographic)

Years ago angry travelers had to protest loudly and cause a scene at airport counters to try to publicly pressure airlines into rebooking or giving refunds, accommodations or compensation when trips go wrong. Now, with the advent of public social forums such as Twitter,  those same protests can be found on the internet, where millions can post their experiences at the touch of a button. Some customers even tweet from 35,000 feet using on-board Wi-Fi in order to give their complaints priority or to pass on information about problems within the airport they have just left.

While the airlines are trying their best to catch up with this new form of customer service, the same cannot always be said of the actual airports the passengers use. London Heathrow is the third biggest airport in the world and has the largest number of followers on Twitter, but it was Gatwick that has been recognised for its efforts on Twitter with a verified account, becoming the first airport in the UK to secure the blue tick. Gatwick have proactively used their Twitter feed to alert and inform passengers about airport-related delays and news, and customers are encouraged to use the #askgatwick hashtag for support inquiries via their Twitter account.

Klout is a website and mobile app that uses social media analytics to rank its users according to online social influence, and our infographic has used this to bring you the top ten of the world’s airports. Based on its airport passenger satisfaction surveys London’s Heathrow holds the highest ranking for the most reach online. Tweeting about Klout can also provide special privileges with airlines offering one day passes for club lounges, so the next time you are stuck in an airport with time to spare why not get out your favourite piece of technology and start tweeting.


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