Twitter Fails, Changes TOS and Outlaws Automated Follow Back

Sometimes these social networks seem to have too much time on their hands. Twitter recently changed their terms of service that now disallows automated follow back. Many third party companies had provided an automated follow back service. So if 50 twitter users followed you and automated follow back was setup for your account, these users would be followed backed without any manual action.

Social Oomph users were alerted late last night (July 4th) of the bad news.

Twitter Fails, Changes TOS and Outlaws Automated Follow Back image Twitter FailTwitter Fail

E-Mail received from Social Oomph

Please note that on July 2nd, 2013, Twitter changed their terms of service and outlawed automated following back of people who followed you first.

Unfortunately we have no choice but to modify our system to comply with Twitter’s new rules.

Hence, from Monday, July 8th, 2013, the manual vetting option of new followers will be automatically enabled on all accounts that currently have the auto-follow option enabled. If you do not manually approve the follow-back, as Twitter now requires, then the follow-back will not take place.

Should Twitter in the future decide to again allow auto-follow-back, we would be more than happy to restore the auto-follow-back service that you have found so useful for such a long time. We’re as dumb-founded by Twitter’s decision as you are.

Twitter Fails

While many Twitter users don’t use this handy tool, those that do will now be forced to manually follow. This is tedious exercise, and a total waste of time. If you only have a small number of users follow you each day then it won’t take you long, but if you have hundreds or thousands of users following each day this is really bad news.

Oh the joy of the following each new follower, one by one, click by click, will be welcomed by so many users. This creates such an inefficient process. Spending any time on this is a waste, but the larger your account the bigger the blow.

If you’re going to follow everyone that follows you than there should be an automated option. Most using this automation had a process to cleanse the bots, eggs, and other unsavory users. So hard to understand why Twitter reached this decision, makes no sense at all. Stop changing the TOS just for the sake of change. You dropped the ball here Twitter. #Fail, #Fail, #Fail.

If you were using a service to automatically auto-follow, let me know how disgusted you feel.

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