Twitter: Best Worst DMs!

Twitter: Best Worst DMs! image virusThe Best Worst DMs on Twitter

The Best Worst DMs on Twitter

Direct Messages (DMs) have become the new Pandora’s Box for the modern age. Either we love to hate them or we merely put up with them. Some people use DMs to Spam others. If you really want to create some great Spam, you’re not alone. Here are some ideas for you!

Add a Link that Downloads a Virus

Simply send DMs that say “People are saying horrible things about you!” or “Have you seen this video about you?” and add a link. Not everyone will click on it, but a few people will! Then you can spread that lovely virus you’ve been working on for so long.

Ask for An Inch, Take a Mile

Before the person who has followed you gets a chance to read your tweets, and before you’ve even followed them back, ask them to join you on Facebook, follow you on Pinterest and circle you on GooglePlus. You know they want to! They’d probably love to wash your car, too! After all, being social on social media is for losers!

Ask Them a Question

This is a funny one! Since you don’t follow them yet, they can’t send you a DM in reply to your question. So as soon as they follow you, hit them with a question, such as “How can we help you achieve a 4-hour workweek?”

Tell Them How You’ve Lost Weight

Twitter: Best Worst DMs! image fatcatTell them about your weight loss in a DM

Tell them about your weight loss in a DM

They don’t know you, but of course they’ll want to know all the intricacies of your weight loss journey! Who wouldn’t? Send them to a link with all the details and don’t forget to add lots of pictures, too!

Make Your Account Private and Send ‘em to a Captcha

Make your followers solve a puzzle! All that squinting at the Captcha will make them need new glasses, which is great since you’re an eye doctor! Yes! Killing two birds with one stone for the win!

Is Social Media Really About Being Social?

If you refuse to slam your new followers with direct messages, then you might actually have to resort to gaining trust on Twitter.

Do You Have a Favorite Best Worst DM?

Tell me your favorite! Which kind of DM do you love to hate the most?

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