How to Turn Your Website into a Profit Center

How to Turn Your Website into a Profit Center image lead and capture graph11 463x600How to Turn Your Website into a Profit Center
So often, small business owners come across this issue…they build the website, optimize the content and wonder why they don’t have droves of clients visiting the site.

Or worse, they build a website knowing that the only traffic they’re likely to attract is from current clients who refer their friends; making their website nothing more than a very expensive business card.

Online marketing can be a boon to your business if you know how to work it.

In this post, I’m going to give you the secret sauce to making your website a lead and capture center, not just a billboard of your services.

1. Have an opt-in on the homepage and on your blog. You need to have a place where visitors can sign-up for email alerts. And it needs to be prominently displayed near or at the top of your page.

Small business owners will oftentimes chafe at this because it’s too aggressive or they don’t want to bother their prospects with email. Huge mistake.

2. Email should be the cornerstone of your marketing funnel. If you’ve bought into the idea that no one is opening emails, or email marketing is dead, you are leaving money on the table. People do open emails that are interesting, entertaining, and useful. If your emails aren’t being opened it is because either you aren’t targeting the right audience or you’re emails aren’t interesting, entertaining, or useful.

In fact, you have to have an email account to open any social media account. And what do the social media company’s do? They send you alerts, ask for you advertising dollars, and promote posts…all to your email. Why? Because email, when done correctly, converts.

3. Offer a great piece of content for signing-up. Some call this the IFO or Irresistible Free Offer. It may not be enough to just have a sign that says, “Sign-up for email alerts.” Having a free offer will entice people to opt-in. A whitepaper, chapter of your eBook, even a complimentary discovery session (over the phone of course) would work. Worried about attracting the “wrong type of client?” If you’re site is well targeted and well optimized you’ll attract the right client leads.

4. Have a company blog and post at least once per week. If email is the cornerstone of your marketing plan, you need to give people a reason to visit your site. Having a company blog that is filled with juicy, useful content is a wonderful way to drive traffic back to the site.

5. Promote your blog. If you post the blog, they will not come. You have to promote it. Send an email announcing the post and post your blog topic on all of your social media channels. When promoting online, write an interesting snippet, not “hey, read my new blog post,” and include the URL. This will encourage your friends, fans, and followers to go back to the site to read the post…and if you have your opt-in prominently displayed, they may be moved to join your list.

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