Turn Your Business into a Useful App

    By Ken Mueller | Small Business

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    It’s all about the apps. It seems as though everyone has a smart phone filled with apps.

    The first thing someone does when they get a smart phone is download their favorite apps and then ask their friends what other apps they should download. Why? Because apps are fun and useful. They presumably make our lives a bit easier, helping us out while we’re on the go.

    If your business has any sort of online presence, particularly in terms of social media, you can learn a lot about how to behave and treat your customers from some of the most popular apps out there. You don’t need to create an app of your own, but you might want to function like a number of these apps in order to engage your customers and keep them happy. Plus, if you make yourself more useful, they will rely on you more.

    Here are a few ways you can emulate some of the most popular apps and make your online presence more valuable:

    Wikipedia – Be a great source of information. Informing and educating your public is an important part of who you are as a business.

    Facebook/Twitter – Facilitate conversations with and among your customers. Your online community is not just about how you connect with your customers; it’s also about how they connect with one another. A community is much stronger than each individual that makes up that community.

    Pinterest/Instagram – Let your customers share images and ideas, whether they are your own images or theirs. Letting them contribute their photos is important.

    Candy Crush – Candy Crush is among the most popular game apps right now. Game = fun. Have fun online and let your customers have fun. A sense of adventure and humor is important.

    Netflix – Right along with that is the need to entertain. Oh, and information can be entertaining, in case you forgot.

    Google Maps – The purpose of maps is to help you get there from here. They provide direction and context. Offer the same to your customers. Give them guidance along the way and help them navigate.

    In short, function like an app. They are designed to inform and entertain. To help make your life easier.

    Apps are there when you need them, right at your fingertips. And for many, they become indispensable. If you can operate your business online with the usefulness of an app, you might also become indispensable to your customers.

    Can you learn how to become app-like for your customers?

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