Trends in Local Marketing – The SoLoMo Revolution

Trends in Local Marketing   The SoLoMo Revolution image 8399337241 52f0280326 300x225Trends in Local Marketing The SoLoMo Revolution

The marketing world is a hotbed for ridiculous buzzwords, and the latest contraction of “social, local and mobile” is no exception. SOLOMO is the term that marketing gurus have birthed, describing the growing trend of marketing focused on the intersection of social media, geographic locale and mobile device usage.

What’s the big deal?

The importance of this trend lies in the number of smartphone users. 45% of adult Americans owned a smartphone in September 2012 and the prevalence of mobile technology goes hand in hand with increased social media usage; and has significant implications regarding the efficacy and relevance of SOLOMO.


Before the recent graph search feature was implemented by Facebook, tech experts predicted social search to be the dominant search technology of the future. However, people just aren’t interested in which local businesses have the best SEO, they want to know where their friends shop, and why. The recommendation of a well-known friend is always more relevant to the consumer than an unfiltered search result.


Connecting consumers with locale specific services is the SOLOMO solution to searching an unmanageably large, global marketplace.


For over 90% of Americans, mobile devices are kept within arms length 24 hours a day. As B2B buyers move away from stationary computers in favor of portable devices, the consumer network is now connected and accessible at all times.

Location-Based Engagement

For small and medium sized businesses, the most relevant form of SOLOMO is Location-Based Engagement. Directly connecting the consumer with the brand, communication via smartphone enables users to leave tips and reviews, tag tweets, redeem special offers, tag photos and “check in.”

“Unengaged consumers are a struggle for every company”, says Jack Lee, Co-Founder & Product Manager of, a start-up building a location-based mobile data management, analytics and contextualization platform. The value of a Facebook user was difficult to ascertain before the implementation of Graph Search. Client engagement through social media is an instance of earned media and a personal recommendation, via a Tweet or Check-in, is your best form of media within the social community.

Maximizing SOLOMO

Not every client is of equal value to the small business owner. While some make referrals more often and regularly place large orders for product, some purchase less and are repeat callers of customer service. In the realm of social media, the digital influence of a customer determines his or her value. What is the capacity of the client to create brand awareness? Of the 20,000 followers they may have on Twitter, how many are local and potentially viable as new clients? Businesses must ascertain how far reaching, and how significant, a client’s recommendations may be.

The advent of SOLOMO means ignoring mobile technology isn’t an option for brands.

Incentivize local followers and fans to engage with your company through as many forms of social media as possible. You can gain exposure and generate revenue utilizing marketing strategies that are geo-targeted.

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