Travel comparison site puts emphasis on flight quality over quick arrival times

    By Tom | Small Business

    Not all consumers are after the same thing when it comes to booking a holiday, and platforms such as GetGoing have offered discounts to those who aren’t too fussy about their destination, but are concerned about cost. Now Routehappy aims to cater for tourists who would rather ensure they traveled in comfort than take the most direct flight.

    The company has created a database of information about flights around the world, detailing attributes such as seat type, legroom, entertainment options, wifi access, dining and other amenities. Routehappy uses this research to assign a Happiness Score out of ten for each airline flight it has investigated. Users can then check to see whether their planned route will provide the facilities they’re after and book an alternative airline or arrange a better route if not. Through the site’s free iPhone app, fliers can also add their own comments and images to share their opinions with fellow travelers. The video below explains more about the service:

    Routehappy helps holidaymakers check – not only the price – but the quality of the flight they are about to book to ensure they get the best experience. Could this kind of comparison site work for other industries?


    Spotted by: Murray Orange

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