Top Ten “Banned Books” in The United States, and Why

This past week marked the 33rd anniversary of “Banned Books week“, an annual celebration engineered to raise awareness of the ongoing battle between some of the most treasured novels of contemporary literature and the crusade to remove them from American school curriculum.

Banned Books week was originally conceived as an exercise in critical thinking. When one hears the phrase “banned books week”, the immediate thought should be “why are we have a celebration of the spectacle of banning books?” The phrase immediately puts the mind in an active position for critical analysis; it triggers the instinct for critical thinking that lives inside all of us. In essence, the very necessity for having a “banned books week” to raise awareness, enables our desire to know why there should even be a need for awareness in the first place?

It is for just these reasons (and more than likely many more) that book wholesaler, Book Pal has produced this infographic. Hopefully, this graphic will raise for you the same sort of critical questions about censorship and creative license that it did for me.

Top Ten Banned Books in The United States, and Why  image banned booksTop Ten Banned Books in The United States, and Why

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