The Top Beer Brands On Social Media

    By Morgan J. Arnold | Small Business

    Social media is a delicate proposition for Beer brands. On one hand their product is one of the most social products available. On the other hand, there are regulations about how social the brand itself can be. This article looks at the top Beer brands on social media, and what they are doing to get themselves there.

    Overall Facebook has been, and continues to be, the strongest platform for promoting beer. It has solid age restriction barriers in place – unlike Twitter, which has a more freewheeling, unrestricted access, philosophy. However, in recent times the Beer companies have started to become more active on Twitter, perhaps in recognition of a characteristic that they with it… the ability to generate Buzz.

    Here’s a look at the top 5 Beer Brands and how they are using social media:

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    We often see category leaders on Social win with dedicated cross-platform programs, and the Beer category is no exception. Heineken leads the other beer brands on both Twitter and Facebook by managing a consistent, professional presence across all social platforms we study.

    With over 13 Million Fans on Facebook the Dutch Brewer attracts a lot of Buzz on the platform and is in our top 100 brands overall on Facebook. Heinekin also leads the competition on Twitter and, unlike most of them, maintains branded presences on each of other platforms we track: LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Plus and Instagram.

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    Budweiser leads our Engagement metric among Beer brands. It’s highly active audience of over 4 Million Fans keep the discussion going well into the early hours.

    Budweiser’s presence on other platforms is not as strong and we believe they have been tentative to plunge headlong into the socialscape more broadly. The results on Facebook show that if you overcome your fears, and perhaps take a shot of yourself for courage, you can step out into the spotlight and the people will love you.

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    The leader Light Beer on Social Media, Coors Light has strong Engagement levels, coming in just behind Budweiser on that important metric. Most of the CL activity is taking place on Facebook, with their Twitter performance being rather underwhelming – we’re not sure if their preference for undiluted beers is a commentary on the sobriety of Twitter users. Coors Light does however have the leading YouTube channel among all Beer brands.

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    Second only to Heineken in our Presence metric, which tracks the level of activity, Sam Adams success is a testament to a solid underlying content program. They are especially prolific on Twitter, issuing over 20 Tweets per day.

    Samuel Adams has a proportionally higher performance on Twitter than any of the other Beer brands in this top 5.

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    The Top Beer Brands On Social Media image rankheader 51rankheader_5



    Corona’s social marketing focus largely on Facebook they have carved out a solid presence, helped by the recent Cinco de Mayo celebrations.

    The Top Beer Brands On Social Media image img51img5

    Here is the rest of the Top 10:

    6. Molson Canadian
    7. Newcastle
    8. Guinness
    9. Blue Moon
    10. Sierra Nevada

    Don’t see your fave brew in the Top 10? Check out Track Social’s Beer Zone!

    Note: Track Social Leaderboards are live and changing constantly – the data presented in this article is as of 05/13/2013.

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