Top 5 Things To Look Out For On A Social Media CV

    By Lauren Riley | Small Business

    If you are a recruiter or employer, chances are you’ll have needed to hire a Social Media Manager at some point or will be hiring one in the near future.

    But this isn’t any regular sort of recruiting, and a lot of people will be unsure of what to look for on a social media CV. These type of CVs are a bit different to most traditional ones, and spotting the signs of a good candidate can be quite difficult, even if you are familiar with the digital industry.

    This is why we have ever so kindly put together a list of things to look out for when hiring a Social Media Manager. A lot of people proclaim themselves to be “Social Media Gurus/Ninjas/Rockstars/Experts (or any other ridiculous name)”, but here is a foolproof way of weeding out the phonies from the real deal!

    1. Links to Social Media Profiles

    Every social media CV should include links to social media profiles. This should be their personal profiles and a professional account they have worked on. This will give you a real insight into their work, their level of social media knowledge/experience and also get a feel for their personality and if they will be a right fit for your company. Any half-decent candidate will maintain a professional image on their profiles, so if you see anyone with questionable boozy pictures and swearing on their Facebook page, they obviously don’t know the basics of privacy settings. Also, if they are only engaging with their friends and not people in their career industry on the more professional sites like Twitter and Google+, it’s time to move that CV to the Recycle Bin…

    Top 5 Things To Look Out For On A Social Media CV image shutterstock 141261835Top 5 Things To Look Out For On A Social Media CV

    2. Experience of Using Social Media Tools

    They may be talking to all the right people and have thousands of followers, but do they have the skills to analyse and schedule your social media campaign? Managing a business’s social media accounts takes more than a few tweets and Facebook posts, so make sure you look out for experience of using scheduling and analytics tools (e.g. TweetDeck, Sprout Social, Hootsuite etc).

    3. Writing/Communication Skills

    Now, I know I said you should be on the look-out for social media knowledge and experience, but the key aspect of social media is communication, so having good writing skills is vital to any social media role. Look out for mentions of and links to blogs they have written or publications they have contributed to. A background in journalism or content writing is also a massive bonus in this industry!

    4. Stats, Stats, Stats

    It’s all well and good when a potential candidate proclaims on their CV that they conducted a successful social media strategy in their previous role, but any old person could write that! We want proof, people! You know you’re on to a winner if they can mention that they increased social engagement by 45%, gained 2,000 followers in one month or improved the click through rate by 50%. Cold, hard stats are always a plus when looking for a Social Media Manager.

    5. Other Digital Skills

    Here at Bubble, we are a great believer in multiple digital skills. If your candidate can demonstrate experience or a working knowledge of SEO or content marketing then they should definitely be considered, as the two skills compliment each other very well. Someone who has knowledge of both is certainly not to be sniffed at! The same goes for Social Media and content marketing, like I said in point three!

    So there you go, five things you should look out for on a social media CV!

    Do you have any more to add? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @BubbleJobs

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