Top 20 Startup Incubators Around the World

    By Kelsey Cox | Small Business

    For many years, Silicon Valley has been the high-tech Mecca of startups and the sole destination of entrepreneurs looking to turn idyllic dreams into billion-dollar startups. With its unique mixture of “talent, technology and tolerance” needed to turn ideas into wealth, the Valley has been the birthplace of giants such as Apple, Google, Facebook, HP and Oracle to name a few.

    In reality, the characteristics that have made Silicon Valley unique are quite exportable. Accessibility to information and affordability of tech tools has recently brought forward many startup communities worldwide. The 2012 Startup Ecosystem Report has named Seattle, Boston, New York City, Los Angeles, Tel Aviv, Singapore and 14 others as the top 20 entrepreneurial hot spots in the world, possessing both the academic and technological resources to make innovation possible.

    Click on the graphic below, put together by Intuit, to learn more about the startup communities currently competing to become the next Silicon Valley:

    Top 20 Startup Incubators Around the World image Intuit Top 20 Startups FINALTop 20 Startup Incubators Around the World

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