Our Top 10 Tips on How to Explode Your Affiliate Commissions

Our Top 10 Tips on How to Explode Your Affiliate Commissions image ID 10095441 300x225Increase-Affiliate-CommissionsIf you’re selling products online as an affiliate, you would probably be interested in learning some different ways to increase sales and make more money. Well, here is some good news – that is exactly what we are going to talk about on this page. Below are our top 10 tips on how to explode your affiliate commissions!

1. Create an E-Mail List

An e-mail list is one of the most valuable assets you can have in your online business. It gives you the ability to sell multiple products to the same people over and over again. In fact, It is a lot easier and less expensive to sell products or services to previous customers than it is to go out and find new customers. A responsive e-mail list is an asset that will pay you back over and over again (for many years).

2. Build Trust with Your Readers

Whether you have an e-mail list or not, building trust with your readers is very important. With an e-mail list, you can build trust by offering valuable information – without asking for anything in return. Of course, you can do the same thing with articles or blog posts on your website.

Many affiliate marketers have product review websites. One way to build trust with your visitors is to review products honestly. A lot of product review sites give every product a 5 star rating and they say that everything they promote is fantastic…

However, it’s important to include some negative product reviews on your website and let your visitors know that you are providing them with honest reviews (rather than selling them anything just to make a commission.) If people feel like they can believe you when you tell them a product is worth buying, you will sell more products. Of course with a negative product review, you can always recommend a similar product that is getting better reviews (so you can still earn a commission).

3. Promote Products with Recurring Billing

Some affiliate products or services have recurring billing, or what is known as a continuity program. When you get a customer to sign up for a product or service, they will be billed for each month, and you will earn a commission each month for the life of that customer. As long as they keep renewing, you keep earning a commission. This can allow you to make a lot more money from each sale. Think about how much more you can make in comparison to selling a one-off product or service.

4. Look into Multiple Affiliate Networks

Some products are available on more than one affiliate network and some networks offer better commissions on certain products. You may be able to promote the same product with a different affiliate network and make more money on every sale!

5. Look for Ways to Increase Conversions

If you’re getting traffic to your website, finding a way to increase conversions will allow you to make more money with the same number of visitors. You can test various color schemes, ad types, calls to action etc. Keep testing and always try to monitor the results. Test until you find the winning combination that gets you the most sales per visitor.

6. Give Away Something of Value for Free

Offering to give away a valuable product, like a report or video, is a great way to build an e-mail list, but it can also be used to promote affiliate products directly. If you write a PDF with information that your niche would be interested in, you can add affiliate links to your recommended products inside your PDF. This will allow you to make money by giving away products for free.

7. Find More Ways to Get Traffic

Getting more traffic to your website will usually result in earning more affiliate commissions. If you are relying on one source of traffic, it would be wise for you to find ways to get additional traffic. If you are an expert in PPC, you may also want to investigate PPV, media buys, solo e-mail ads etc.

The same goes for “free” traffic methods. I put the word free in quotes because even free traffic methods take time (and time is money.) If you are an SEO expert, you may want to look into some other ways of generating free traffic. (For example, traffic generating methods such as video marketing, participating in forums, social networking etc).

8. Guest Blogging and Press Releases

There are some places where you can submit a press release or a guest blog for free, and get back links and traffic to your website. Of course, some press release sites require payment in order to syndicate your release. Whether you are using paid or free methods to do guest blogging or press releases, each of these can bring a lot of direct traffic to your website.

9. Ask for a Better Rate from Your Affiliate Network

Not all affiliate networks are willing to negotiate when it comes to the percentage they pay affiliates, but with many CPA networks, if you can show them that you drive traffic and generate sales, they may be willing to let you keep a bigger portion of the profits.

10. Outsource Some of Your Workload

Outsourcing will save you a tremendous amount of time and allow you to work on the things that are important to your business. It’s been said that you should work “on” your business and not “in” your business. What that means is that you should be working on things that will increase revenue, and let somebody else handle the mundane, everyday tasks that need to get done.

You can hire someone else to do things like create graphics, write content, build back links etc – while you work on finding new revenue streams and better ways to convert visitors into buyers.

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