The Top 10 Family Entertainment Attractions

Ticketmaster recently released its list of the nation's most requested family attractions for the first half of 2007. The ranking is based on online page views, information requests, and ticket sales through Ticketmaster. Favorites like Disney and Sesame Street make the list along with a few friendly surprises that have managed to captivate families with colorful characters, fun jingles, and lots of soul.

Disney on Ice


Produced by Feld Entertainment under agreement with The Walt Disney Company, Disney on Ice features skilled ice skaters impersonating popular characters from the studio's favorite animated classics and performing a routine to Disney songs.

Currently there are five different shows touring the country as part of Disney on Ice, two featuring Disney Princesses, two following the adventures of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and the newest one with the Finding Nemo characters.

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Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus

Often referred to as "The Greatest Show on Earth" this classic circus spectacle has been dazzling audiences for more than a century. With Feld Entertainment acting as it's parent company since 1996, the circus has the Red, Blue and Gold (smaller show designed for more modest venues) tours. Earlier in 2006, the Blue tour experimented with using a new format -- to connect all of the performances through the story of a family attending the show. The Red and Gold tour will most likely see this overhaul within the next year.

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

The world's largest livestock exhibition and largest rodeo event entertains more than two and a half million people every year with bull riding, livestock competitions, concerts, a carnival and auctions. The three-week long event is held at Reliant Park in Houston and musical acts have included Elvis Presley, Reba McEntire, Selena and Willie Nelson.

Sesame Street Live

Based on the popular children's television show, Sesame Street Live has been touring the country for over 25 years and has entertained over 46 million people with Elmo and Big Bird being its prominent characters. Produced by VEE Corporation, Sesame Street Live is performed on a stage with costumed characters, giving it more of a theatrical atmosphere.

High School Musical -- The Ice Tour

This show, also produced by Feld Entertainment, is based on the made-for-cable movie that sparked a $100 million franchise for Disney. The Ice Tour has yet to premiere at Madison Square Garden on September 29, 2007, but it has already garnered enough buzz to make it on the list of "Most Requested Family Attractions" on Ticketmaster for the beginning of 2007. The announced cast includes 2004 World Junior Bronze Medalist Jordan Brauninger and 2004-2005 Australian national champion Bradley Santer.

Go Diego Go Live!


Go Diego Go Live! features characters from Nickelodeon's bilingual cartoon show and is the spin off of Dora the Explorer Live! which had an audience of approximately 3 million when it toured back in 2005. The show is an interactive experience, with Diego requesting the help of children in the audience to help him in his jungle adventures. Several songs were created exclusively for the live show, but it also features songs made popular by the TV show.

The Wiggles

The Australian band formed in 1991 and since then it has become a worldwide sensation, spawning a TV show and countless concerts, CDs, and DVDs. In 2005, The Wiggles were Australia's highest grossing entertainers, earning more than AC/DC and Nicole Kidman combined, according to Business Review Weekly magazine. It is estimated that half of all Australian toddlers have been entertained by a Wiggles' album or video at home or at a live concert.

Universoul Circus

The country's only African-American-owned circus, UniverSoul has been touring since 1994. "Hip Hop under the Big Top" didn't prove itself successful until word of mouth gave the circus a dedicated fan base. The show now travels to more than 30 cities across the country. This is the first time it makes the Ticketmaster list of "Most Requested Family Attractions" for the first half of the year.

Harlem Globetrotters

Both a sporting event and a comedy routine, the Harlem Globetrotters have solidified their show as a staple in family entertainment. Created in 1927 in Chicago, the team has played more than 20,000 exhibition games in more than 100 countries. In addition to the games, the Globetrotters also host summer camps to help kids tune up their basketball skills during the offseason.

Doodlebops Live


Deedee, Roonie, and Moe are the Doodlebops, a colorful team of cartoon-like characters from Canada. Much like the Wiggles, the Doodlebops are a musical band with uplifting songs intended for young children. Their TV show can be seen on Playhouse Disney and they have an 80-city tour scheduled every year.

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