Top 10 Content Marketing Tips For small business

In my earlier posts I’ve written about content marketing. Mostly big businesses are taking advantage of content marketing in increasing their sales but small businesses can also gain more business by using content marketing tactics. In this post I’m going to discuss 10 content marketing tips for small businesses. Here are 10 content marketing tips :

  1. Top 10 Content Marketing Tips For small business image ContentMarketingTips1Top 10 Content Marketing Tips For small businessContent marketing is not only for big businesses: There is a misconception among small business owners that content marketing is just for big corporations and small businesses can’t benefit from it. Content Marketing is for businesses of all kinds. Doesn’t matter what is the size of your business, how many employees you have or how much revenue your business is generating you can improve your marketing by using content.
  2. Content tells your consumers that you exist: Internet is a n ocean of information and most of the people in our times conduct a search online to find the products/services. Content can help in increasing your websites visibility and attract more customers to your business website.
  3. Tell a Story: Through your content tell a story which resonates with your readers. Think about your mission , purpose of your company or how you are helping others and put this in front of your users through content marketing.
  4. Time and Budget: The most common excuse which I hear on a regular basis about content marketing is that business owners don’t have enough time and money to start creating content. You can get money by shifting a portion of your traditional marketing budget to content marketing and better manage your time in order to create content.
  5. Make a content creation schedule: Plan the amount of content you need to publish and decide on which dates what blog posts, research reports etc you are going to publish. Good planning can significantly reduce your burden and put you on road to success.
  6. Stick to your calendar: After making a content creation schedule or editorial calendar it’s important that you have strict deadlines and stick to it. Many people are unable to create enough content within the required time limit. Don’t make the mistake of making a plan and not following it.
  7. Social Media: After creating content make sure that you share it on social media . Content marketing and social media have become interdependent over the last few years. If you need to execute a successful social media campaign then you need good content and in order to succeed with content marketing you need to produce content which is shared by your followers on social media.
  8. Track your content: Don’t forget to track the content. You can easily track your visitors, most popular content and the people who have shared it on social media.
  9. Measure : Measure the effects of your content marketing campaign. This is a point where people have quite conflicting opinions. Some people argue that your content must result in sales and others argue that you must give preference to branding and PR effects of a content marketing campaign. I think that a marketer must monitor all statistics . Not every piece of content is going to generate sales for you. Off course sales and revenue are lifeblood of a business but without a trusted following you can’t expect to generate sales. So focus on all the aspects of content marketing and measure returns using a holistic approach.
  10. Have Patience: Like any other marketing strategy content marketing needs time to generate result. Just after publishing a single blog post you are not going to make a dent in your target market. So wait instead of giving up. Ideally you must wait minimum 3 months for your content marketing efforts to show results.

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