I Took the Bing It On Challenge: Search Engine Challenge for Google

    By Kim Beasley | Small Business

    How the search engine challenge caught my eye

    Have you heard about the “Bing It On” search engine challenge between & I found out while I was watching a TV show recently via a commercial. What I found is that Microsoft has a challenge out for search engine users to see which search engine they prefer between Bing and Google.

    I rarely watch commercials but this one caught my attention so I decided to watch it. In watching the commercial, I found that I was interested in finding out if I would prefer Google over Bing. Even though I was interested, I didn’t take the challenge for a few days.

    What were the results of the search engine challenge

    You can find the search engine challenge between Bing & Google at When I first started, I didn’t know which one I would prefer since I hadn’t used Bing lately. I even had a friend tell me that he preferred Bing now.

    I buckled down to take the challenge and the results are below.

    I Took the Bing It On Challenge: Search Engine Challenge for Google image i took the bing challenge 470x381I Took the Bing It On Challenge: Search Engine Challenge for Google

    What the results taught me

    I admit that I wasn’t sure what the results were going to be and half way through I was a little nervous. Yes I know I didn’t have to be worried yet I was because I wanted Google to win hands down.

    As you can see, 100% of the time I chose Google. YEAH! In completing this search engine challenge, the following things came to mind.

    • Optimizing your content with keywords is very important
    • It’s important to add keywords tags to your images
    • Optimize your videos with your keywords, especially those on YouTube
    • Optimize your social media profiles with your keywords
    • Always add fresh content to your website that is keyword optimized

    Have you taken the Bing It On Challenge?

    I would love to hear what your results are. Leave a comment below to let me know. Let’s see how many love Google and how many love Bing.

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