Tired of coffee? Caffeine spray offers energy boost


Consumers’ need for that extra bit of pep in the morning has turned energy drinks into a massive market, so much so that we’ve even seen anti-energy drinks like Mary Jane’s Relaxing Soda offer an antidote for those with high-octane working lives. Some still swear by the traditional morning coffee, but for those that don’t like the drink, Sprayable Energy is an alternative in the form of a small canister that delivers caffeine directly through the skin.

The portable spray is a concoction that is odorless and colorless, designed to be sprayed onto the neck in four short spritzes and offering the equivalent dose of caffeine as a cup of coffee. According to its creators, the solution doesn’t give users the jitters – like coffee and energy drinks can – and offers a slower release to avoid the crash that can be felt when the effects of a coffee fade. The spray also means that users don’t have to endure the taste and aftertaste of coffee if they don’t like it, and also benefit from the lack of calories by not ingesting it. Each canister offers 40 doses and costs USD 15, making it around the same price as 10 coffees.

Although less romantic than the ritual of making a morning coffee, Sprayable Energy makes getting an energy boost more easy and efficient, potentially helping productivity in the office. Its Indiegogo campaign saw the team raise more than ten times their original target and any orders placed are set to be delivered in December. Could this innovation cut into the market for energy products?

Website: www.sprayable.co
Contact: www.sprayable.co/pages/contact

Spotted by Murray Orange, written by Springwise

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