Tips for a More Likeable You in the Workplace

In the workplace, one can find many personalities, cultures, age groups; whether it’s your coworker or client, it is important to conjure universal appeal and respect from all you work with. Make an effort to follow the following tips for self-improvement and you’re on your way to a more likeable you!

Tone of voice: I work for Teknicks, an internet marketing agency. While we have a casual work atmosphere here on the Jersey Shore and can come to work in jeans and flip flops, it is important for us to have a professional tone over the phone and present at the highest caliber. You want to be mindful of the use of fillers (avoid saying like, um, you know, etc). You also want to be conscious of your fillers as well as speed. Pausing not only puts emphasis on your point, but also allows for the listener to mull over everything you’ve just said. Lastly, make sure you ask if there are any questions along the way. Sometimes, especially if you’ve had too much coffee, it’s easy to ramble and forgot to pause to make sure the listener has a chance to catch up.

Listen: Often, throughout the workday, we are preoccupied multi-tasking and often not giving the speaker our full attention.  Gerry Dick at Inside Indiana Business has compiled some of the most compelling stats about listening from The International Listening Association . Based on these stats, we can all benefit from listening better!  Most importantly, listen to understand and not to respond. Being a good listener will not only benefit you on the client side, but will also benefit you and your working relationship with your co-workers.

Check your drama at the door: Whatever happened at home, leave it there. Don’t bring your drama to the workplace. Take the long way to work, listen to music and relax. Rather than focusing on the drama in your personal life, focus on your work day and tasks ahead of you at work. Burdening your coworkers with your problems will only have a negative impact on your company’s productivity and efficiency. If you are visibly upset and/or mentally distracted, do yourself and your company a favor and take the day off.

Empathize: We all have bad days, deadlines are missed and things don’t always go as planned. Understand where your coworkers are coming from and support them. Rather than gossiping about their under performance, be proactive and offer to help them with their situation at hand.

Solve the problem: Stop complaining and do something about it. Slow printer has you all in a tizzy? Rather than complaining, be proactive. Show your office manager that a new laser printer is on sale and recommend they purchase it.

Be positive: No one likes a Debbie Downer, especially in the workplace. Success Magazine states the importance of a positive attitude in the workplace. According to the author, Keith Harrell, a positive attitude  in the workplace results in:

  • “Improved communications
  • Better teamwork
  • Increased morale
  • Higher productivity (Harrell)”

In conclusion, there are always ways to improve your likability within the workplace; the tips above are some ideas to get the ball rolling. At the end of each work week, take time for self-reflection and think about your work performance and how you can improve. Always remember, if all else fails, bringing in baked goods for the office to enjoy will always improve your likability!

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