Tips to Increase the Speed of Download From the Internet

    By Kevin Peterson | Small Business

    Do you wonder whenever there is an urgent need to download a file from the Internet, the download speed you are having is always not satisfying. Of course, sometimes it can be increased. True, this often does not happen instantly. So you’d better take care of this in advance: download all necessary softwares and online tools to conduct all monitoring.

    Tips to Increase the Speed of Download From the Internet image Downloading from Internet 300x225Tips to Increase the Speed of Download From the Internet

    • Learn all tariffs with your service provider and select the plan which is most suitable for you. Speed access to the Internet is constantly growing, so sometimes learn about new products and any changes in the tariff rates.
    • Learn about all the providers that can provide Internet access services in your home. Compare their rates. If there are better offers, dissolve or suspend (mandatory) of the contract and sign a new one.
    • Close all applications that run over the Internet. This is especially true for different torrents. Start Task Manager and double-check that all the programs have been disabled or not.
    • NetScream – It is a program to optimize your modem. It will help to achieve maximum download speed. It is Suitable for all types of Connections like Dial-up, ADSL, ISDN and DSL. Of course, it will be useless if you change the connection.
    • In Windows OS, there is a setting that reduces traffic speed by 20%. It is recommended to disable and thus increase the download speed. This can be done by the following actions: Start – Run – type «gpedit.msc». Then you need to go to the configuration of your computer, find the Administrative Templates, then Network and Package Manager QoS. You need to install check “on” to limit the reserved bandwidth capacity and a 0%. After these steps, it is must to restart your PC/Laptop.
    • Install the program Adguard. It disables ads in browsers, and thus relieves traffic.
    • To increase download speed, you can also use the program torrent. It divides the entire file into pieces and shakes it from different places, so it downloads faster. Do not forget that this program also gives download, i.e. that the next file downloads quickly to stop the distribution of the previous ones.
    • If you want to increase the speed of loading pages then first turn off all download managers and torrent clients. This will free the channel to access via a web browser. Disable loading of images and automatically download information from the site in your browser.

    Many users use the Internet to find and download all kinds of useful information such as books, videos, games, audio files, photos, useful programs for their PC/laptop etc. Opportunity to download and save the files to your computer is always a good option if you are really in need of the program or file you are looking for.

    Always make sure to scan the file which you are downloading from the internet beforehand because now-a-days there are so many encrypted viruses which are embedded into some .exe (executable) files which will scan your Laptop/PC secretly and find out any passwords of your Credit cards or other valuable information.

    As the saying goes Prevention is always better than cure, you should always be prepared to face any such online frauds or thefts with full force and knowledge and keep your data safe from those threats.

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