Tiny Apartment Is Made With 25,000 Ping-Pong Balls

(Courtesy of Snarkitecture)

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Daniel Arsham's apartment in Brooklyn is the only pint-sized place we've ever wanted to live in. It's a mere 90 square feet — that's about big enough to fit a toothbrush — but the decor's so sleek and minimal, we'd trade in our own sardine can in a heartbeat.

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The apartment's a loft attached to the offices of Snarkitecture, the cool-kid architecture firm where Arsham is a partner, and it's basically just a room that serves two functions: sleeping and dressing. But oh, what a room it is.

The walls look like great big, pixelated screens that fade from gray to white as you approach the ceiling. On closer inspection, the pixels are actually ping-pong balls — a whopping 25,000 of 'em. We half expect someone to come out and call a Powerball winner.

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Courtesy of Snarkitecture

The rest of the place is a study in simplicity. Arsham's got a bed with some built-in shelves and a dresser, where he keeps a few clothes. To enter the loft, he climbs a ladder through the office's employee bathroom.

The apartment — which Snarkitecture designed — was built in two months for less than $100 a square foot. That's about $50 cheaper than your average loft. Impressive. Then again, by the looks of it, all they really had to do was shop at the local sporting goods store.

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