Three Ways Content Marketing Can Help Technology Companies

Three Ways Content Marketing Can Help Technology Companies image technology content marketingThree Ways Content Marketing Can Help Technology CompaniesThe technology sector certainly wasn’t the first to embrace content marketing but it is definitely one where it is highly effective. More and more tech companies are realising that, done properly, it can help solve three of their biggest challenges:

  • Speeding up a complex and lengthy buying cycle
  • Attracting the best employees
  • Creating demand for new technology

Challenge 1: Speed up complex and lengthy buying cycle

It is reported that a typical IT buying decision can take anywhere between 40 and 1000 hours and that many people are often involved in the process. It only takes one person in the chain to lose confidence in the direction it is going and suddenly the whole process is on hold.

How can content marketing help?

By publishing content that connects with people at every stage of the buying cycle, you are more likely to continually move the decision forward. For example, industry news and infographics are highly effective at the awareness stage, blog posts and feature articles in the consideration stage and more technical white papers, case studies in the latter stages. If you have gaps in your content, you risk extending the length of the buying cycle or even breaking it completely.

Challenge 2: Attract the best employees

Technology companies are always striving to be at the cutting edge, to be the first to bring new technology to the market place. However, for that, they need the best employees in the market place. So, if every technology is after the best, how do you make your brand stand out?

How can content marketing help?

Most people like to keep up to date with all the latest developments in the industry, whether that’s technological advances, research reports, legislation etc. If your technology company is the one publishing that news, it allows you to connect with potential employees long before they even become job hunters. You become a ‘go-to’ resource, people trust your content, that trust extends to your brand and, when the time comes to look for a new job, your company is the one they want to work for. Your content has positioned you as the thought-leaders and, well, most people strive to work for the thought-leaders.

Challenge 3: Create demand

As mentioned above, technology companies like to be first to bring new technology to the market place – it brings with it lots of kudos and creates buzz about their brand, However, not all buyers necessarily believe they need this new technology, especially if they’re happy with their current set-up. So, there is often gap between what the companies want to sell and what most customers are happy to settle for.

How can content marketing help?

Content marketing can help you educate your customers about the benefits of this new technology and how it can address their pain points. It can also create urgency.

For example, a cloud service provider might be struggling to convince a company that they need to ‘move to the cloud’. You might publish regular blogs posts about problems that the cloud can solve and hopefully hit on a problem that they have. You might also publish industry news articles informing readers that cloud technology is now a priority for X% of companies or case studies demonstrating how cloud technology has increased productivity. This kind of content can be very powerful especially if companies fear they might lose their competitive edge.

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