Three Reasons Why I Will Not Buy From You

    By Robert Minskoff | Small Business

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    Someone once told me you buy the way you sell and you sell the way you buy. I think for the most part that is true. My approach to selling is very relationship and “fit” driven. In other words, if my prospect does not make for a good fit for my product or service, I will be the first one to tell them. I just want the opportunity to see if there is a fit or not.

    For those thousands of sales people and marketing automatons that email me or solicit my firm for their business, here is why I will NOT buy from you or your company.

    1. You connect with me on LinkedIn just so you can send me some crappy message on why I should speak to you and your company on how I can get more customers. Sorry, that is a sure fire way I will never do business with you. Consider yourself lucky if I do not un-connect from you. While I am discussing LinkedIn, if you view my profile as an “anonymous” viewer, you have totally defeated the point of an open network. Get help.

    2. W.I.I.F.M. For those of you that are not familiar with what this means, it is simply Whats In It For Me? Sending me an email about how great your company is and how many other companies you have helped that are just like mine, only does one thing; relegate your emails to the spam folder. Email and inform me on what I get out of clearing time on my calendar to speak with you and your company.

    3. Automated emails suck. Plain and simple. No matter how you try and wrap them or personalize them, they suck. The content of the email comes off as a digital direct mail piece. If you are selling lower ticket (transactional) products that do not require a significant investment, then email away. If you are selling a B2B product or service that has a long sales cycle (60 days or longer) or requires a C-Level decision, it has been my experience that these automated emails will fall considerably short of effective. Here is a novel alternative, pick up the phone and create a compelling message as to why that prospect should speak to you and your company.

    So for all you business and sales leaders out there if you and your team are not getting the results you desire, it is usually not for a lack of effort, it is because your method of selling is not conducive to your prospects buying.

    Good Luck and Good Selling!

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