Three Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing Sucks!

What would you say if I told you affiliate marketing sucks? If you were an affiliate marketer than you would probably say I suck! Haha… no problem there. I’m not bashing affiliate marketing, I’m just going to start by pointing out five areas what we could see for improvement. After all, I’ve been an online affiliate marketer for over 15 years now and it’s evolved into one of the greatest business opportunities and industries in the world.

Let’s get started… here are a few things lots of people would like to see change in the affiliate marketing space.

- Removal of Trash Products and Scams

Three Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing Sucks! image Depositphotos 6770461 xs 300x300Three Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing Sucks!Over the past few years we have seen a lot of trashy offers come into play. This was mainly due to the rebill and weight loss offers that were being pushed around all over the place with fake blogs. It’s one thing to push crappy offers but the main concern was the customer who was unable to cancel their recurring billing after paying a one time trial fee.

- Unethical Advertising

Speaking of the rebill offers and unethical advertising… the majority of these leads were converting so well due to the fake landing pages that were used. Sure, it’s creative advertising and worked extremely well… but it was mostly lies, the celebrities never endorsed any of the products and then the FTC got involved. Just some ugly stuff going on here.

- Recurring Commission Models

Something else a lot of affiliate marketers would like to see is a way to grow with the companies that many of us help promote. Instead of getting a one time commission for each lead, it would be exciting to be able to build a recurring passive income that continues to grow our revenue stream month after month. While there are a lot of complications and specifics involved in this, it would definitely be a huge benefit for many online marketers.

The Affiliate Marketing Space is Changing

I’m not the only one who would like to see things change in the affiliate marketing space. There are thousands of affiliate marketers who are always playing by the rules and making money without scamming people out of money. Andy and Shawn from are another two marketers who have been in this space for a while and he didn’t like the way other ad networks were running their businesses, pushing low end rebill offers and not offering a recurring commission structure. So what did he do? He went ahead and created his own ad network and is offering affiliate marketers what many ad networks won’t.

As an online marketer you don’t have to follow the path of everyone else promoting offers the same way. If you aren’t happy with the way you are getting paid, running an offer or the way an offer is promoted, it’s up to you to either creative your own offer or figure out a way to make it better.

The bottom line is, affiliate marketing is still awesome and a killer way to make money online. Even more important is that it’s here to stay and you have to look out for your best interests and see how you can create a sustainable business model that continues to grow over time and isn’t just reliant on how successful your latest ad campaign is.

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