Three Essential Tips to Optimize Your Social Media Global Content Strategy

Three Essential Tips to Optimize Your Social Media Global Content Strategy

About ten years ago, businesses across the globe were offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: invest in social media and other online networking strategies and see what happens. Today, anyone with even a peripheral view of the contemporary marketing landscape knows that the ROI for businesses savvy enough to invest in social media from the outset is exponential.

Whether or not your business was among the pool of original investors, there’s still plenty of time (and means) to optimize your social media content strategy. Position your business firmly within the flourishing global business community by insuring that your social media content strategy speaks to an international audience.

Don’t Get Lost in Translation

Before all else, identify your global market demographic and consider the language(s), countries, regions, and other distinguishing features that will define a successful Internet marketing strategy for your company. A successful global social media content strategy will require time, effort, and planning, so clarify your goals—and set your limits—from the outset.

When you first start communicating with an international audience, keep in mind that native speakers can easily identify a lazy translation; forget about “free and easy” translation services. Professional translators are a worthwhile investment when cultivating a global social media strategy, as is help from colleagues, clients, and anyone else in your social circle who speaks a foreign language fluently.

Connect & Convert

Social media content strategy relies upon conversions: ideally, all of the friends, followers, and fans you cull via networking are channeled back to your website and convert to loyal customers. Therefore, it’s essential not only to link each of your accounts to your home site, but also to one another – particularly once you have accounts in more than one language.

One word of caution: it’s tempting, when initiating a global social media content strategy, to over-extend, so don’t privilege quantity over quality. International social media accounts won’t drive conversions if users can’t find the content they need or the accounts that interest them in their preferred language(s). The best way to keep it simple is to keep close track of new and existing accounts, connect them all to another and to your website, and don’t let your strategy spin out of control.

Go Local

It may sound paradoxical, but the more local contributions you solicit, the more you’ll grow your global audience. Get in the habit of soliciting ideas, content, and assistance from businesses, writers, and industry experts who live and work in your target regions. Anyone with practical knowledge of your market segment’s language and culture will “up” your native appeal.

Likewise, study what’s trending among your international segment and tailor your social media content accordingly. What is hot and happening in one part of the world may be dull and boring in another. Update each international account with industry and product news specific to the targeted area, and post more general educational and instructional information anywhere you’re trying to establish a more universal appeal.

Finally, get in the habit of using media that speaks to everyone. Crisp, pristine visuals (and, to a lesser extent, certain kinds of music) appeal to every market demographic – including the one you’re trying to corner, the ever-expanding and evolving global audience.

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