Three Compelling Guest Post Secrets To Drive Targeted Traffic

What’s your experience so far with guest blogging?      

You’d feel good when you pitch a topic idea to an A-list blogger and get a YES response, right?

Unfortunately, the world of guest blogging has changed. I’ve just discovered three fresh compelling secrets to make your guest posts a traffic magnet.

I don’t care how many times you’ve failed in driving free targeted traffic, subscribers and sales. This article is going to change everything you know about writing for other blogs – with the hope of sending people that cares to your website. Keep reading…

The new rule of guest blogging

Before I share the three compelling secrets that can help you to dominate the world of guest blogging, and build a strong brand for your business, I want you to know the new rule for getting results. Ignore this rule at your own peril.

The truth is, Google Panda and Penguin have had a strong effect on content marketing. Many website owners have given up – while others are just managing, hoping for the best to happen.

Having written and published well over 650 quality guest posts on industry blogs, I can state emphatically that “engagement” is the new rule.

You can no longer write generic articles and expect potential customers to fall in love with you. These days, the competition is getting fiercer and you need a touch of class for every guest article you write.

You’ll be writing to ENGAGE people, as well as search engines – that’s the way forward. Right now, let’s explore the 3 secrets that can lead to ENGAGEMENT to help your guest post lead the right prospect to your website and blogs:

1. Secret one: stick to human psychology

“Life is all about perception!”

The way you present yourself to those who would use your products and services will determine whether or not they will.

Because the human brain is wired to believe a particular “message” at a time.

If you want to build a profitable business and guest blogging is ONE of your marketing channels, then from the very beginning – write, act, talk and persuade like someone who truly wants to build a business.

From the onset, people have been accustomed to buying ONLY items that would benefit them. Before you pitch a guest post title, make sure that your product is in line with that idea.

Because if you don’t have a particular offer to recommend to readers, it’s an indication that you’re not an expert in that field. So why should you write about it?

Experts have solutions for their fans. The major reason why a lot of your guest posts don’t drive much traffic is because you didn’t position yourself as the expert who has got a VOICE.

Don’t ever think that people hate to buy products. That’s a BIG lie. Buying & Selling is part of our makeup and it will never go away. Of course, you mustn’t sell outright in your content, but don’t forget to lead prospects down the author bio.

2. Secret two: Reverse-engineer your message

One of the secrets that have kept my content marketing business going strong is this: I know how to reverse engineer ideas, thoughts, messages et al and make them presentable in a way that would interest the reader.

Here’s what I mean: Let’s assume that your guest post topic is on “social media marketing.”

You and I know that already, there are millions of content junks out there – and potential readers are tired of going through the same articles and now, their brains are beginning to adapt to those rubbish.

Just remember that to a large extent, prospects would prefer to know the truth no matter how bitter it’s presented. So, stop trying to please anybody with your guest posts.

Write to express your views in a way that targeted readers have never heard of before. For instance, if a potential customer is careful or scared of buying your product/affiliate offer – don’t try to cajole them with tricks.

Instead, come out bold and talk about the strong reasons why your product is the only answer to their problems – but don’t ask them to buy.

Tell them that the decision to buy is theirs to make and you’ll see a boom in your conversion rate.

Bringing this into your guest post, whatever content you write for other blogs – just be real and say it as it is. Because truly, you don’t need people’s money as much as they need your solution. Yes, this is the truth!

3. Secret three: Give what you value most

As a content marketer, what I value most is “TIME.” Earlier on, I told you that engagement is the new rule of guest blogging. But how are you going to engage people if you don’t give away your most valuable resources.

What I value most might be different from yours. The bottom line is to stand in the gap between the solution you provide and the prospect. “Be their very present help in times of need.”

Guest blogging is supposed to yield great results, because you’re taking advantage of an environment that’s entirely different from your own. People like varieties. That’s why they travel, attend conferences and visit beautiful places.

When you write a guest post and it eventually gets published, don’t stop there. Spend time replying to comments and right there, recommend the products or services that could help.

It doesn’t have to be your own – it could even be your competitors’.  Because if you must succeed online, you’re not going to compete with anyone, but to COMPLEMENT them.

In your guest posts, you could challenge readers to share the post and get a 7-day free course on the topic which you wrote about. Yes, you heard me correctly. That most valuable asset of yours, give it away and watch your website’s traffic, leads and sales skyrocket.

Your best asset might even be the “tip” that helped you to overcome business failure when you started – don’t hoard it for any reason. Share it with all cheerfulness. Sit back, relax and experience the touch of a lifetime in your business.

What you must do now…

Like I always do, I want to challenge you apply these 3 secrets into your marketing practices.

You don’t have to be a guest blogger before you can use it. It can work for social media marketing, search engine marketing and even press release distribution. Just do it. Yes, you can!

Now answer this question: Do you use guest blogging to drive traffic to your website and has it been working for you?

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