Think With Google: 2013′s Resource for Trends in Online Marketing

Think With Google: 2013s Resource for Trends in Online Marketing image think with googleThink With Google: 2013s Resource for Trends in Online MarketingHow do you start a blog post? If you’re like me, you begin by reading and researching. You want to create something that’s well-informed and supported by fact, so you look for that information on the Internet. Specifically, you probably go to industry leaders and market research publications.

If you don’t – well, there’s my first tip for this blog post.

Research your blogging content, and research it well. There are far too many blogs out there with pieces of misinformation or data from three years ago. If you want to make your blog effective for marketing what you do, you want to have good, reliable information.

Of course, you have more reasons to stay up-to-date with industry trends than just blogging. Good research helps to produce quality marketing materials, strong landing page content, and valuable nurturing packets.

Well, something new is ready to provide the marketing world with whole reports worth of information on the latest trends in digital marketing. Think With Google, a Google-run online marketing magazine, was quietly launched last year, and it now seems to be the best kept secret in digital marketing.

Think With Google: 2013s Resource for Trends in Online Marketing image Screen shot 2013 02 20 at 5.25.22 AMThink With Google: 2013s Resource for Trends in Online Marketing

For Digital Marketing

If you explore the site, you can find data on a whole range of topics, from the latest insights to cutting-edge research in marketing. The purpose seems to be to wholly embrace the world of SEO, Inbound Marketing, and social media marketing – and to provide fuel for the fire.

Think With Google features consumer survey results, a library full of research, and even tools for companies to complete their own research initiatives using Google infrastructure.

Although the ‘About’ page is pretty spotty, it seems that Think With Google started recently as the company grew the initiative out of Think Quarterly, Google’s digital marketing research magazine that began to be published in 2011. By offering a whole site, Google is really upping its ante in the game of digital marketing poker.

For Advertising

As you might imagine, Google is using Think With Google not just to promote the use of Google resources for the sake of marketing. It’s also growing its advertiser base by practicing a little bit of inbound marketing itself. You start to see this by looking at the blog. Great content, CTAs – the works. Then if you look through the site, you begin to see that everything really does lead back to the theme, Advertise with Google. It’s a simple, elegant example of what companies everywhere should be doing: trying new endeavors as opportunities to employ new marketing techniques.

Advertising resources are abundant on Think With Google, from information and tools for the creative aspects of advertising creation to results-based information on Google-based advertising opportunities like YouTube and Google Adsense. If you’re looking for information or just a few tips, this is definitely the place to go.

Of course, the planning of Think With Google is pretty much perfect for its audience. This isn’t some superficial site designed to purely draw in advertisers. It reads like blog material, and it’s made to be translatable. In particular, I noticed that throughout the site, Google is using a lot of collaboration with cross-industry leaders. As guest bloggers and writers, you see a number of CEO contributors from a diverse range of fields, so you really get a sense that this is a site for anybody.

Think With Google Blog

Google stayed loyal to itself and used blogspot to make the Think With Google Blog. And as I mentioned earlier, it’s a great example of strong content marketing. They really demonstrate why this new Google venture is a top-notch expert in the field of marketing trends analysis.

They keep things relaxed, mixing media as well as topical focus. Mining these blogs for information could be key to anybody trying to keep up with what is hot in online marketing. It is definitely something to add to your RSS reader list.

Using Think With Google as a resource for Content Creation

I would argue that Think With Google has enough of an information output that any marketing agency could really do itself some good by just focusing some of their blogging on new information that Think With Google produces. It’s that remarkable. If you follow Think With Google’s blogs and search for information when you need to, you will see just how much data, media, and explanation is available.

By integrating Think With Google information with your own blogging and downloadable content pieces, you will find that your content is actually strengthened over time. Think With Google can provide you with the data to make your approach to content marketing highly data-driven.

Overall, the site is a great development and an awesome resource for online marketers everywhere. If you’re interested in getting more tips on where to find other great marketing resources, you can also read one of our latest eBooks: The SEO Survival Survival Guide.

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